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Issue of Work Order / Letter of Award

Sl no. Title Issue Date Close Date
1Supply of Welding Transformer to YTPS – Cancelled to revise technical specification
2Supply of various HP Printer Cartridges for Varahi Hydro Electric Project, Hosangadi-576282”, Kundapura Tq. Udupi District, Karnataka
3Cancellaton of Bid notification
4SUPPLY OF SPARES FOR RTPS07.04.201730.05.2017
6SPARES FOR RTPS VIDE E-PORTAL20.04.201726.05.2017
7“Annual Overhauling Works of Generator Control and Protection Systems of Unit # 5, 6, 7 & 8, 400KV Control & Relay Panels and VFD Systems for Unit # 5, 6, & 8 for the year 2017-18”25.04.201725.05.2017
8supply of 40nos. of Wooden Chairs & 6nos. of Wooden Tables for Security check post, control room & offices at VHEP from manufacturers / authorised suppliers of these materials.25.04.201725.05.2017
9(a) Supply, Fabrication & Erection of Galvanized Steel Sheet Duct for providing Duct able Air-conditioning arrangement & Fixing of 8.5TR Duct AC’s at CHP Control Room.26.04.201725.05.2017
10”Dismantling of existing MOMs,Supply,Erection,Testing and Commissioning of Motor operating Mechanism (MOM) suitable for existing isolators at 110kv Switchyard of LPH, Linganamakki 577421,Sagar(Tq),Shimoga(Dist)”26.04.201726.05.2017
11Development and maintenance of Tree plantations for a period of two years at YCCPP premises under phase-I.02.05.201702.06.2017
12SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS02.05.201713.06.2017
13SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS02.05.201713.06.2017
14“Annual Overhauling works of Generator & its Aux. of Units -5, 6, 7 & 8 (Seal Oil System, H2 gas system, Generator Bus-duct, DAVR Excitation system, Battery Banks, Battery Chargers and H2 Driers) pertaining to EEGM-2 division for the Year 2017-18”03.05.201725.05.2017
15Procurement of spares to BTPS03.05.201702.06.2017
17Procurement of 240/20 V Transformers (10 Nos) for YTPS05.05.201701.06.2017
18Jungle clearance in the 5MW Solar power plant balance area at ShivasamudramMalavalli Taluk, Mandya Dist, and Karnataka10.05.201708.06.2017
19Procurement of Rotary Tools for YTPS10.05.201710.06.2017
20Providing 48 volt Battery Charger and Battery Bank for PLCC at Kadra Power House.10.05.201709.06.2017
21Arresting water leakage from penstock expansion joints at Shiva Power House, Malavalli Taluk, Mandya Dist., and Karnataka – 571437.11.05.201709.06.2017
22Procurement of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for YTPS11.05.201712.06.2017
23SUPPLY OF SPARES FOR RTPS11.05.201720.06.2017
24Supply of Chain Pulley Blocks to YTPS12.05.201712.06.2017
25“Annual Maintenance Contract of Centralized AC system of Unit-5,6,7 & 8, Ventilation System of Unit-5 to 8, Package AC system of Unit-8 ESP, Split/tower ACs of UCB-5,6&8 and Split ACs of ESP-5 to 8 “at RTPS, Shaktinagar12.05.201710.06.2017
26Supply installation and commissioning of digital pressure switch along with marginal modification of existing oil pipe line & servicing of OPU system of two Units U1 and U2 at Shiva Generating Station. Malavalli Taluk, Mandya Dist Karnataka – 571437.12.05.201712.06.2017
27Annual rate contract for supply of consumables of Printers/Copiers/Fax machine and Pen drives12.05.201712.06.2017
28Providing two Separate DC Sources for Protection Schemes at Kadra Power House. Repair/Re-Conditioning of Corroded DT Cone, Runner Blades and Runner Cone of Unit-3 at Kodasalli Power House.12.05.201712.06.2017
29RTPS TENDER NOTIFICATION AOH BM2 2017-1815.05.201705.06.2017
30procument of Construction of auditor room cum record room for accounts section at BTPS15.05.201714.06.2017
31Supply, quality surveillance, testing and commissioning of 110V, 500AH Exide make OPzS lead acid battery set and disposal of old batteries on buy back basis at Shiva Generating Station15.05.201713.06.2017
32Annual Maintenance Contract of PCs and Printers located at Bengaluru based offices15.05.201714.06.2017
33Procurement of 9000kL of HFO though Railway Wagon for YTPS16.05.201716.06.2017
34Housekeeping work of KPCL Office Premises at Shakthi Bhavan, Sudarshan Complex and Trade Centre at Bengaluru for one year.16.05.201712.06.2017
35procurement of spares for btps16.05.201715.06.2017
36procurement of Replacing the Hand rails inside NDCT-1 at BTPS16.05.201730.05.2017
37SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS16.05.201704.07.2017
38TRANSPORTATION OF 3000KL HFO OIL FROM RAICHUR THERMAL POWER STATION (RTPS) TO YERAMARUS THERMAL POWER STATION (YTPS) Through Road Tankers as When Required Basis in the contract period18.05.201726.05.2017
39Supply and installation of 8 core OFC cable from office complex to schools of Hosangadi and Mastikatte and also to set up full-fledged UTP cat 6 LAN connectivity to schools18.05.201716.06.2017
40Publishing of “TENDER NOTIFICATION-” Safety valve pressure setting 2017-1820.05.201705.06.2017
41procurement of Annual maintenance of station building and other buildings inside BTPS plant for the year 2017-1822.05.201729.05.2017
42SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS22.05.201727.06.2017
43procurement of spares through btps msp e-portal23.05.201709.06.2017
44procurement of Housekeeping of Pump House, Sub-Station, Approach Bridge and Security Check Post at Maralihalla Pump House for the year 2017-18, Gangavathi, Koppal District, Karnataka24.05.201714.06.2017
45procurement of Carrying out Routine Electrical Maintenance of Pump House equipments, Sub-Station equipments and Illumination works at Maralihalla Pump House for the year 2017-18, Gangavathi, Koppal District, Karnataka24.05.201716.06.2017
46supply of spares for rtps vide e-portal24.05.201705.07.2017
47procurement of Formation of CC approach road to Foam pumphouse at BTPS25.05.201715.06.2017
48Manufacture, Supply, Installation and commissioning of pulleys for 100T EOT Crane at MGHE Power House, Jogfalls -577 435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka25.05.201705.06.2017
49Transportation of 7 Lakh MT of Coal from RTPS to YTPS coal stock yard – call 326.05.201701.06.2017
50procurement of “Construction of store cum dark room annex to ID Fan-B of Unit-2”26.05.201727.06.2017
51procurement of BTPS Unit¬2 CHP Routine, Breakdown & Over hauling works of Electrical Equipments for a period of one year26.05.201705.06.2017
52procurement of BTPS Unit-1 CHP Routine, Breakdown & Over hauling works of Electrical Equipments for a period of one year26.05.201705.06.2017
53Supply, laying and termination of unarmored Telephone cables from New control room to all divisions including Kiosk buildings 1 & 2 at Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls -577435, Shimoga Dist, Karnataka26.05.201708.06.2017
54“TENDER NOTIFICATION-” Radiography 2017-1827.05.201710.06.2017
55Procurement of CHAIN PULLEY BLOCK for Turbine Maintenance at YTPS27.05.201728.06.2017
56Material Required for Fuel Oil Handling and Corium Z-127 & 128 for YTPS29.05.201722.06.2017
57procurement of spares through btps msp29.05.201709.06.2017
58procurement of spares through btps msp29.05.201716.06.2017
59procurement of spares through btps msp29.05.201702.06.2017
60Providing security services of Ex-servicemen and Civil Security Guards without arms including One Ex-serviceman Security Supervisor and One Computer Operator, Providing Two Nos. Four wheeler Vehicles along with drivers for conveyance of Security personnel for a period of Two years at Gerusoppa Hydro Electric project.29.05.201727.06.2017
61“Augmentation of Ash Bund No.2 at RTPS”30.05.201728.07.2017
62Supply of 250NB MS ERW pipe to YTPS31.05.201730.06.2017
63Procurement of spares through btps e-portal01.06.201703.07.2017
64Supply of Q-manager Belt Floor & Wet floor stand and 80NB LDO Unloading Hose01.06.201729.06.2017
65“Procurement of Spanners, Metallic & Nonmetallic Slings and other Tools for LT Maintenance at YTPS01.06.201701.07.2017
66SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS -Reg01.06.201711.07.2017
67Procurement of HRC FUSES for LT Maintenance at YTPS02.06.201703.07.2017
68Electrification and providing Illumination to YTPS holding yard near Kuknoor.03.06.201713.06.2017
69Supply and spreading of 40mm size metal around 11Nos of distribution transformers06.06.201730.06.2017
70Procurement of spares to BTPS06.06.201707.07.2017
71Procurement of spares to BTPS06.06.201711.07.2017
72“TENDER NOTIFICATION-” SVPS & APH AOH works 2017-18 Call-207.06.201714.06.2017
73Procurement of Storewell Almirah for YTPS07.06.201707.07.2017
75Providing earthen pit by excavation in KPCL dump yard for disposing PVC fills at BTPS07.06.201714.06.2017
76Supply of spares to RTPS vide E-portal-Reg07.06.201715.07.2017
77Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal08.06.201719.06.2017
78Procurement of Printer cum Photocopier Machines for YTPS09.06.201710.07.2017
79Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal09.06.201724.06.2017
80procurement of spares through btps13.06.201713.07.2017
81Procurement of Computers for YTPS13.06.201713.07.2017
82Vehicle Tender13.06.201728.06.2017
83Supply, installation and commissioning of 4 Nos. 2 Ton capacity ACs and 4 Nos. Geysers to IB rooms at Shiva HEP, Malavalli Taluk. Supply, installation and commissioning of 2 Nos. 2 Ton capacity split ACs at Control Room of Shiva power house, Malavalli Taluk. Supply, Installation and commissioning of 2 Nos. 2 Ton capacity ACs at Shimsha Guest house.13.06.201712.07.2017
84Procurement of 250NB MS ERW Pipe14.06.201723.06.2017
85Design, engineering, manufacture, quality surveillance, testing at works, supply, transportation to site, storage at site, local intra-site transportation, erection, testing and commissioning and handing over of one No., passenger lift of 544Kgs/ 8 Passengers capacity and one No., dumb waiter lift of 150Kgs including 5 years maintenance for VIP Guest House of BTPS near Kuduthini at Bellary, Bellary district, Karnataka19.06.201710.07.2017
86Supply of Chain Pulley Blocks to YTPS19.06.201719.07.2017
87procurement of Housekeeping of Coal Handling Plant [Unit-1 & 2 ] at BTPS (from 01.08.2017 to 31.03.2018)19.06.201719.07.2017
88procurement of Formation of CC approach road to Foam pumphouse at BTPS.19.06.201728.06.2017
89procurement of Maintenance works in North side pond segment of NDCT-2 during overhauling works of 2017-18 at BTPS19.06.201703.07.2017
90procurement of Maintenance works in South side pond segment of NDCT-2 during overhauling works of 2017-18 at BTPS”19.06.201703.07.2017
91procurement of Housekeeping of technical building at BTPS (from 01.08.2017 to 31.03.2018)19.06.201719.07.2017
92procurement of Housekeeping of Generating station, pump house, control rooms and allied buildings of unit – 2 at BTPS (from 01.09.2017 to 31.03.201819.06.201719.07.2017
93Housekeeping work of KPCL Office Premises at Shakthi Bhavan, Sudarshan Complex and Trade Centre at Bengaluru for one year.20.06.201717.07.2017
94procurement of Construction of auditor room cum record room for accounts section at BTPS20.06.201704.07.2017
95Electrification and providing Illumination to YTPS holding yard near Kuknoor-CALL-224.06.201703.07.2017
96procurement of Housekeeping of generating station, pumphouse, control rooms and allied buildings of Unit-1 at BTPS (from 01.09.2017 to 31.03.201819.07.201719.07.2017

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