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Raichur Thermal Power Station

(An ISO Accredited Power Station)

Raichur Thermal Power Station is situated about 20 kms. north of Raichur. There are 7 units of 210 MW capacity each. The annual generation is around 10,000 Million Units. The units were commissioned during various periods starting from 1985. The latest (7th) unit has state of the art control systems. This unit was commissioned in a period of 25 months setting a new national record. The station has a zero discharge water conservation system of the ash pond water. Roughly, 7 Million Tonnes of coal are received every year. Coal sampling is done by mechanical augur system.

The station has a modern oxidation pond. Cement industries are utilising the fly ash. Ash is transported through bulkers. It is proposed to evacuate ash by Rail.

The station has been accredited with ISO 14001 – 2004 for environmental protection management.

One more unit of 250 MW will be put up shortly.

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