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Mallapur Mini Hydel Scheme
The Mallapur project is located near the Mallapur Village, in Gangavati Taluk, Raichur District. The scheme for power generation draws from irrigation releases 113 Cumecs of water att net head of 11 mtrs. The Mallapur power house is built with an installed capacity of 9 MW, integrating two 4.5 MW units generating 51 MU, annually.

Sirwar Mini Hydel Scheme
The Sirwar scheme envisages the utilisation of irrigation releases of 11.1 Cumecs and gross head of 11.6 mtrs available from 3 flow-drops located at the 173rd, 174th and 175th km of the canal for power generation near Sirwar Village, Raichur talur, Raichur dist. An installed capacity of one unit of 1 MW generates about 5.31 MU of energy annually. The generating unit has one horizonal shaft and a tubular turbine coupled to a synchronous generator though a gear box.
Kalmala Mini Hydel Scheme
The Kalmala Scheme in Raichur district draws water for power generation from irrigation releases of 7 Cumecs on the Tungabhadra left bank canal. A gross head of 7.71 mtrs is available from two drops located at the 188th km and 18 9th km of the canal. One unit of 400 KW generating about 1.8 MU per annum is under operation. The generating unit has one horizonal shaft tubular turbine coupled to an induction generator through a speed increasing gear box.
Ganekal Mini Hydel Scheme
The Ganekal Scheme draws from the irrigation releases of 75 Cumecs and a gross head of 3.8 mtrs – available at the flow-drop located at the 182nd km of the canal near Ganekal Village, Raichur District. Ganekal’s 350KW capacity unit, generates about 1.84 MU of energy annually. The prime mover here is an induction generator working through a gear box.

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