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Thermal Environmental Report

Environment Management Measure

envirmgtKPCL’s power generation blueprint has a clear-cut policy on environment management. Building in green-mapping concepts such as sustainable development , which creates the framework for improving the quality of life. sustainable development goes hand-in-hand with 'environment protection'

KPCL has a comprehensive action plan in place that enables environment management, pollution monitoring and the implementation of specific environment projects.



All KPCL projects have the assurance of a comprehensive Environmental Impact Study to evaluate the impact of the project on the environment. It also prepares an Environmental Management Plan complying with all the conditions stipulated by KSPCB/MOEF.

KPCL's Raichur Thermal Power Station has been accredited with ISO 14001 -2004 for its efforts towards environment protection management.

The following innovative and new measures to aid the process of environment control have been put in place :

  • A unique Ayurvedic greenhouse has been developed at Kadra Project.
  • Fish fingerlings in power generation reservoirs to maintain aqua-balance.
  • Eco-friendly control measures adopted such as controlled blasting.
  • Construction of colonies with least destruction to ecology.
  • Installation of Electro Static Precipitators in Thermal Plants.
  • Measures across the board to minimize pollution.
  • Fuel supply agreement with collieries to ensure high grade coal supplies.
  • Monitoring measures for ash minimisation, ash emission control, ash utilisation and ash disposal.
  • Recycling of water from ash ponds for alternative use.
  • Modernisation of sewerage treatment plant.
  • Continuous monitoring of air quality in work environments & environment management measures.

Fly Ash Initiatives

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  • MoEF / GoI has stipulated 100% Utilization of fly ash generated by coal or lignite based thermal power plants.
  • KPCL has agreements for lifting of fly ash with bulk end-users, viz., cement manufacturers for 100% evacuation and utilization of fly ash from RTPS and BTPS.   KPCL is issuing fly ash free of cost to SSI units as per MoEF stipulation. Fly ash is issued free of cost for the use in the works of National and State Highways and for construction of houses and station buildings.
  • Fly ash and pond ash is issued for useful utilization by units manufacturing ash based products like Bricks, Asbestos sheets, Road Embankments, Dams and Dykes.
  • Since 2004, the local brick manufacturing small entrepreneurs, cement companies, farmers are allowed to take ash from the ash pond-1, free of cost, by following the KSPCB policies.
  • KPCL has entered into MoU with major cement companies like M/s ACC Ltd., and M/s ARV Cement Society for transportation of fly ash by rail mode in closed railway wagons to enhance the utilization.   The Fly ash is also being transported through specially designed closed bulkers / tankers by road.
  • KPCL established an R&D center in association with M/s CPRI and under the Indo-Norwegian Environmental Plan for creating awareness amongst entrepreneurs in the manufacture of various ash based products.
  • Associated with the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Raichur by extending financial aid for carrying out R&D on utilization of Fly ash as a soil conditioner in the agricultural sector.
  • In order to create awareness to locals / entrepreneurs on the use of fly ash and to enable fly ash units to be set up near industrial cluster areas, KPCL initiated and sponsored, in co-ordination with Department of Industries & Commerce, B’lore, organized by CEDOK (A Govt. of Karnataka Organization), Dharwad, for conducting one day Seminars with practical demonstration at Tumkur, Raichur and Bellary on the uses / manufacturing of fly ash based products.  Seminars at Tumkur and Raichur were conducted on 11/12.05.2017 and 20/21.06.2017 respectively.  The Seminar at Bellary is scheduled to be conducted on 27th July, 2017.
  • As per the guidelines of MoEF, fly ash is proposed to be issued free of cost for the use in the following Govt. projects / works:




    • Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 (MNREGA)
    • Swachh Bharath Abhiyan,
    • Urban and Rural Housing Scheme.

Details of Fly Ash Generated and Utilized at RTPS and BTPS for the year 2016-17 are as hereunder:


Total coal consumed : 77.63 lakh MT
Ash content : 26.25 lakh MT
(weighted-ave. ash content is 33.82 %)    
Fly ash (80%) : 21.0 lakh MT
Bottom ash (20%) : 5.25 lakh MT
Fly ash available for lifting : 18.91 lakh MT
Fly ash Utilization    
     (i) Cement companies : 10.87 lakh MT
     (ii) Other fly ash users , viz. bricks : 2.96 lakh MT
                                           Total : 13.83 lakh MT

KPCL has agreements with M/s ARV Cement Society (consortium of M/s ACC Ltd., Rajashree Cements, Vasavadatta  Cement) from Units 1 to 6 & Unit 8 and   M/s Kalburgi Cement Pvt. Ltd., from Unit 7.


Total coal consumed : 34.47 lakh MT
Ash content : 12.43 lakh MT
(weighted-ave. ash content is 33.07 %)    
Fly ash (80%) : 9.94 lakh MT
Bottom ash (20%) : 2.49 lakh MT
Fly ash available for lifting : 9.55 lakh MT
Fly ash Utilization    
     (i) Cement companies : 5.08 lakh MT
     (ii) Other fly ash users , viz. bricks : 0.02 lakh MT
                                           Total : 5.10 lakh MT

KPCL has agreements with M/s Rain Commodities from Unit 1 and M/s UltraTech Cement Ltd., from Unit 2.   Tender for issue of fly ash from BTPS Unit # 3 is under process.

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