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Nagjhari Power House

NagjhariNAGJHARI : A name derived from ' Nagjharinal’ – a neighbouring stream. Perhaps the name is in honour of the regime of Nagas that is believed to have existed since centuries. And reasonably, the main power house of the Kalinadi Project is named after the Serpent-the Serpent that has played a significant role in the ancient classics. Nagjhari Power House is the first power house to be commissioned in Kali valley in 1980. The two stations associated with above components form the first stage of Kalinadi Hydro Electric Project. Nagjhari Power House is located on the right bank of Kalinadi near the confluence of Nagjhari Nala to Kali river. The hill slope below Sykes point is cut to accommodate power house building, out door yard and other structures. Six Vertical shaft francis turbines are coupled to the generators of 135 MW each. Total installation is 810 MW. The units have been designed for a head of 347m. The units were commissioned during the period of 1980-84. Out of the above 6 Units, Units 1, 2,3 & 4 have been uprated from 135 MW to 150 MW as part of the renovation & modernisation plan. Unit-5 & 6 are being uprated.

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