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Bidadi Gas Based Combined Cycle Power Plant


KPC Bidadi Power Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of KPCL. The company was set up to establish Karnataka's first gas based combined cycle power plant near Bilakempanahalli village, Bidadi hobli, Ramnagara district, Karnataka State, India. It is about 30 km from Bangalore City on Bangalore – Mysore state highway, in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka State. The nearest railway station is at Bidadi, which is 1.5 km from the proposed site on Bangalore – Mysore broad gauge railway line.

The proposed plant shall consist of one block of 700 MW ± 20% capacity in Phase-I and another 700 MW in Phase-II. The block consist two identical gas turbine generators, with its own unfired heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and a common steam turbine generator in multi-shaft configuration to meet the plant gross output of 700 MW ±20% at Generator terminal.

The main components of the plant are Gas turbine generators(GTGs), Heat Recovery Steam generators (HRSGs), Steam Turbine Generators (STGs) and other important auxiliary systems / equipment such as boiler feed pumps, de-aerators, condensers, instrumentation & control system, fuel gas handling systems, water storage pond, water treatment system, cooling towers, CW / ACW pumps, air compressors/driers, air conditioning/ventilation systems, fire protection/fire alarm system, emergency DG set, crane/hoists, transformers, switchgear, switchyard equipment, batteries, battery chargers, UPS, other electrical equipment and chemical laboratory equipment's.

Combined Cycle Power Generation
The basic principle of the Combined Cycle is simple: burning gas in a gas turbine (GT) produces not only power – which can be converted to electric power by a coupled generator – but also fairly hot exhaust gases. Routing these gases through a water-cooled heat exchanger produces steam, which can be turned into electric power with a coupled steam turbine and generator.

This type of power plant is being installed in increasing numbers round the world where there is access to substantial quantities of natural gas. A Combined Cycle Power Plant produces high power outputs and with low emissions. It is also possible to use the steam from the boiler for heating purposes such that power plants can operate to deliver electricity alone or in combined heat and power (CHP) mode.



Fuel Linkage:

The natural gas is the best fossil fuel as the green energy since its benevolence properties towards the eco system. Keeping in view the hazards posed to our planet earth by other modes of energy, it is imminent for the State to go for green energy such as natural gas.
The estimated annual gas requirement for the proposed 1400 MW CP with 100% gas fuel firing, with 85% PLF will be 1.26 MMTPA. M/s GAIL has completed the gas pipe line from Dhabol to Bidadi and the terminal station is established at Bidadi Plant area. Gas Transportation Agreement was entered with M/s GAIL for transportation of RLNG and the RLNG will be purchased from major oil & Gas Companies on spot market value.
Raw Water:

The 60MLD raw water required for the proposed power plant will be sourced from the BWSSB tertiary sewage water treatment plant at Vrishabavathi valley, Rajarajeswarinagar, Bangalore through Pipeline. BWSSB had already established the 60MLD capacity tertiary treatment plant exclusively to meet the raw water requirement of proposed CP.

Power evacuation:

The power generated from the plant will be evacuation through 400kV Bus to 400/220 kV Substation located within the plant boundary, which is established by M/s PGCIL. A power purchase agreement is also entered with M/s ESCOMS on 18.12.2010.

Need for a Power project near Bangalore:

• The generation capacity deficit in the State of Karnataka for the Year 2013-2014 is 3262 MW
• There is no major power plant near Bangalore, though Bangalore is a load Centre.
• At present major power is drawn from 350 to 400 Km radius.
• Coal based plant not possible near Bangalore due to distance from Coal source and environmental angles.
• The T&D losses are minimum.
• Gas is considered to be the most appropriate fuel as it is a clean and environmentally friendly fuel.
• Treated sewage water is utilized as raw water for proposed power plant.

Present status of the Proposed 700 + 20% MW BCP.

1. Government of Karnataka vide G.O dtd:11.05.2001 accorded approval to set up gas based power plant of 700 MW (2X350 MW) at Bidadi and enhanced the capacity to 1400 MW vide G.O dtd: 30.10.2003. subsequently it was directed to establish first block of 1X700MW + 20% Gas based Combined Cycle Power Plant at Bidadi vide G.O No. EN78PPC2010 dtd: 05.11.2011.

2. Land measuring to an extent of 152 acres 30.5 guntas in the villages of Billakempanahalli and Banandur, Bidadi hobli, Ramanagar District was acquired and possession taken from KIADB for setting up of the Combined Cycle Power Plant.

3. A masonry compound wall all-round the periphery of the BCCP land measuring 3.40 Km constructed at a total cost of ₹ 63.00 Lakhs.

4. BWSSB has established the tertiary treatment plant at Rajarajeswarinagar, Bangalore exclusively to meet the water requirement of Bidadi Combined Cycle Power Plant. BWSSB has agreed to supply the tertiary treated water from Rajarajeswarinagar to BCCP plant by laying a pipeline.

5. Correspondence with PASSWORD/KRDCL is being made for getting permission to lay RWS pipeline from Rajarajeswarinagar to proposed BCP plant along Bangalore- Mysore road.

6. Clearances from Department of Fisheries, Department of Health & Family Welfare Services, Department of Archaeology, Airport Authority of India etc., have been obtained including MoEF & KSPCB clearance.

7. As per the norms of MoEF partial afforestation is carried out by planting 8750 seedlings along the western side compound wall of BCP during the year 2011.

8. M/s PGCIL has established a 400/220 kV Gas Insulated Substation within the plant boundary.

9. Power Purchase Agreement has been signed with ESCOMS on 18.12.2010.

10. The site grading works of the power block area measuring to 150 m x 500 m upto RL 717.00 m is completed on 17.12.2011.

11. Gas transportation agreement was entered with GAIL for transportation of gas on 25th February 2013.

12. The EPC tenders for the proposed power plant are being processed.

Registered Office
KPC Bidadi Power Corporation Limited
CIN: U40102KA1996SGC020337
116/2, 2nd Floor,
Trade Center Building
Race Course Road
Karnataka, India

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