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Almatti Dam Power House

AlmattiProjectAlmatti dam is the main reservoir of the Upper Krishna project, an irrigation project. The 290 MW power project is located on the right toe of Almatti Dam. The Power House has 5 units of 55 MW each and 1 unit of 15 MW. The turbines are vertical kaplan. The annual design energy is 713 Million Units. The project, when allotted for private initiative was estimated to cost ₹1470 crores. Subsequently, KPCL took up the project at an estimated cost of ₹ 674 crores and completed the project at a cost of ₹ 520 crores in a period of 40 months by July 2005.

The project envisages generation of power by utilising the irrigation releases and a part of flood releases over the Almatti Dam spillway. The project has incorporated many state of the art innovative techniques as follows:-

  • SCADA system
  • Structural steel frames for super structure & Galvalume   corroguted metal deck  sheets for roofing
  • Machine hall without generator floor; steel barrel instead of concrete barrel for generator
  • Generator transformer of 15 MW unit also serves as station transformer
  • Separate tapping provided from penstock for transformer cooling system

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