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Information Technology


IT and Computerization

The Corporation has taken a number of IT initiatives to meet its business commitments.  Some of the IT activities/infrastructure are as detailed below:

  1. Hardware platform: Provided Blade Servers and Rack Servers with Windows 2008 at Corporate office and Projects sites. Provided Core to Duo/i3/i5/i7 PCs installed with Windows 7/8 and MS office 2010/2013 software along with printers up to the level of Executive Engineers and all critical users at corporate office and projects.


  1. Connectivity: Established; OFC connectivity between all major power houses and office complex, Local Area Network and Wide Area Network through MPLS/MLLN circuits of BSNL at corporate and major project offices. Provided internet and mailing up to the level of Executive Engineers and critical users.


  1. Application Software: The application software developed in- house and implemented are:
  1. Fuel Management System.
  2. Integrated Inventory Management System.
  3. Bank Guarantee Management System.
  4. Cash & Compilation Management System.
  5. Fixed Asset Management System.
  6. Salary & Pension.
  7. Provident Fund.
  8. Generation Management System
  9. Human Resource Information System.
  1. Website: Website in bilingual (English and Kannada) and providing links for Joint Ventures, Tenders awarded, Media centre, National training centre for solar technology, uploading of tenders from all project sites and Bengaluru offices, etc.
  2. Other software: AutoCAD, STAAD, Adobe software and e-tab are being used extensively at Design offices. Oracle 12c database, Oracle 12c Application server, Oracle Developer Suite 12c are used for application software.
  3. E-procurement: Government of Karnataka e-procurement portal is being used for procurement of goods and services as per the transparency act at corporate office and project sites as per KTTP Act.
  4. Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) : Computerization carried out by development and implementation of software by in-house team in stages to automate various functional areas like Finance and Accounting, Asset Management, Salary and Pension, Human Resource, Fuel management, Purchase and Inventory Management, Operations and Maintenance, Generation Management, Provident fund management  to meet some of the needs of the Corporation, Decision has been taken to develop in-house ERP software by suitably upgrading to Oracle web suite latest technology. Teams have been formed for development of in-house ERP Software. The teams are working on centralization of application software by migrating software from 2-tier to 3-tier and also by centralizing the database. For centralization of Software in 3 tier of Oracle software, Servers, Migration services contract was awarded to M/s Sonata IT Bangalore at total cost of Rs.3,58,17,806=00 (Rupees Three Crores Fifty-Eight Lakhs Seventeen Thousand Eight Hundred and Six only) inclusive of all taxes. The firm has supplied server and software during Aug 2018. After that centralization is under program expected to be completed on 31.07.2019.

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