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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1Periodical special assistance for maintenance works of Turbine and Transformer groups and ODY of VUGPH for a period of Two months at VUGPH, Hosangadi, Kundapur Tq, Udupi Dist, Karnataka28.10.202007.11.2020
2Supply & Installation of 10LPH Pyrogen free Distilled Water plant @ ODY of VUGPH28.10.202012.11.2020
3Rectification/Repair of Oil leakage problems of 245kV BHEL make Current Transformers including Supply of necessary spares at ODY of VUGPH28.10.202012.11.2020
4Providing special assistance(12 persons) for the Annual maintenance works of Unit3 and Unit4 for a period of thirty days at VUGPH28.10.202005.11.2020
5Procurement of one number bowl assembly for Jyoti make, 50 HP VT pump for KPCL Kadra24.10.202017.11.2020
6Loading & Unloading of consignments, assistance in inventory activities, housekeeping at stores & garage area at Hosangadi for a period of six months23.10.202007.11.2020
7Procurement of Different grades of grease at YTPS23.10.202023.11.2020
8Procurement of Different grades of Lubricating oil at YTPS23.10.202023.11.2020
9Supply , Installation,Testing Programming Commissioning of Radar based level measuring instrument along with GSM based level transmitters system to Main & pick up dam.16.10.202002.11.2020
10Procurement of spares for cassette baffles22.10.202023.11.2020
11Supply of essential materials required for maintenance of Inspection Bungalow (IB) and Dormitory at Hosangadi colony21.10.202005.11.2020
12Enquiry:Procurement of Gland Packings for Control Valve12.10.202012.11.2020
13E-tender:Procurement of Copper Cladded Asbestos for YTPS19.10.202011.11.2020
14E-Tender:Procurement of ERW Pipes for YTPS19.10.202017.11.2020
15E-tender:Procurement of HEA Spark Tips for YTPS19.10.202017.11.2020
16E-Tender: Procurement of various types of die and turning inserts for YTPS12.10.202011.11.2020
17E-Tender: Procurement of Electrodes for YTPS08.10.202009.11.2020
18Procurement of Paints and Thinner for EEM110.10.202011.11.2020
19Periodical special assistance for the work of emergency Breakdown/Preventive maintenance of GE make Programmable logic control (PLC) systems in Unit # 8 Ash handling plant.17.10.202012.11.2020
20Procurement of bearings for YTPS07.10.202011.11.2020
21Procurement of Spares at BTPS13.10.202013.11.2020
22Procurement of Spares at BTPS08.10.202022.10.2020
23Supply, Installation, Testing, programming Commissioning of Radar based level measuring instrument along with GSM based level transmitter system to Mani and pick up dam16.10.202002.11.2020
24The work of Operation and Maintenance Contract for 1X370 MW Gas Based Yelahanka Combined Cycle Power Plant (YCCPP) for a period of Three (3) years extendable by further period of 2 years based on the performance of the Agency on mutual agreed terms & conditions at Yelahanka, Bengaluru District, Karnataka State as detailed in the NIT12.10.202002.11.2020
25Providing assistance for electrical and mechanical maintenance works at Mani dam power house, Masthikatte, Hosanagar Tq, Shing Dist, Karnataka, for a period of one year along with vehicle for conveyance14.10.202023.10.2020
26Procurement of 2000 KL of LDO IS:15770(2008) by road tankers for YTPS.14.10.202028.10.2020
27Supply, fabrication and replacement of protection cover of Radial gates hoist and other structural steel works at Upper Kaneri dam07.10.202006.11.2020
28Hiring of two numbers of B2 segment, 6+1 capacity closed vehicles for running of 4000kms per month per vehicle on 12×7 basis for security shift duties at Kadra & Kodasalli for a period of two years.29.09.202026.10.2020
29Brief bid notification-Jelly spreading and providing chain link fencing to transformer centre at KPCL colony, Hosangadi10.10.202024.10.2020
30Procurement of spares at BTPS01.10.202013.10.2020
31Supply of spares required for maintenance of Telephone exchange & power supply, BGS, KPCL, Jogfalls07.10.202022.10.2020
32Supply of various types of MCB required for maintenance of Bhadra Generating Station, KPCL, Jogfalls07.10.202022.10.2020
33Supply of 470 nos. Carbon Brushes for Bhadra Generating Station, SVP, KPCL, Jogfalls07.10.202022.10.2020
34Retreading of 122 nos. of tyres of various sizes and cut repairs(patches) of 40 nos. of tyres on Annual Rate Contract basis required for Jog and Kargal Garages of KPCL, Sharavathy Valley Project ,Jogfalls..26.09.202013.10.2020
35Repair works of KPCL Fire Fighting System of CNS- 9773 Fire tender vehicle of Sharavathy Valley Project,KPCL,Jogfalls-57743526.09.202013.10.2020
36Supply of 4 nos. of LVDT/LPT & 4 nos. of Rotary Transducer for Governing System for GPH, KPCL, Jogfalls29.09.202014.10.2020
37Reconditioning of released 9 Nos. Brake & Jack Pads and Partial Modification/Moderization of Brake Air Lines, Vapour Seal Pipes, H.S Lube Oil Pump Line by providing suitable flexible Rubber/Hydraulic Hoses & other connected works at 4X 60MW Gerusoppa Power House09.10.202014.10.2020
38Supply and commissioning of Online Vibration Monitoring System for 3 Nos. of 60 MW Generating units at Gerusoppa Dam Power House.01.10.202022.10.2020
39Fabrication, Supply,Erection,Installation, Retrofitting, Testing and Commissioning of 03 Nos. of 300 NB duplex strainers to Generator side and 03 Nos. of 200 NB duplex strainers to Transformer side cooling water system for unit No.1, 9 and 10 at Sharavathy Generating Station. Jogfalls-577435,Shimoga-Dist, Karnataka30.09.202014.10.2020
40Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of PCs, Laptops, Scanners and Printers located at YCCPP, Yelahanka for contract period of one year09.10.202011.11.2020
41E-PROCUREMENT OF SPARES TO RTPS07.10.202009.11.2020
42Supply and Painting the interior surfaces of Turbine steel housing, Distributor and Central steel platform of U#4 at Varahi Underground Power House, Hosangadi, Kundapura Tq. Udupi Dist. Karnataka09.10.202023.10.2020
43Re-Tubing of 2Nos. of released stator Air coolers of 115MW, BHEL generators with buy back of released tubes at VUGPH, Hosangadi, Kundapura(T), Udupi(D)09.10.202019.10.2020
44Design, engineering, manufacture, Quality Surveillance, inspection & testing at supplier’s works, supply, packing, forwarding to site, transportation, F.O.R-BTPS, unloading, storage, preservation, handling at site, all mechanical, C&I systems, electrical equipment and systems, steel structures, civil works with new chimney, insurance, erection, painting, start-up, trial operation, testing, commissioning, performance guarantee testing and warranty for wet lime stone flue gas desulphurization plant for 2 x 500MW, units-1 & 2 and 1 x 700MW, unit – 3 of Bellary Thermal Power Station of KPCL, Kudithini, Bellary District, Karnataka and handing over to the Owner an operating plant and Operation & maintenance of FGD system including supply of spares & consumables for Three (03) years as per the scope identified in the technical specification of the Bid document of BTPS, 2 X 500MW, units-1 & 2 and 1 X 700MW, unit – 308.10.202002.11.2020
45Supply of Polymeric lightning arrester to MDPH08.10.202023.10.2020
46“Procurement of 41872 KL of HFO through railway BTPN Wagons and 5736 KL of LDO through Road Tankers required for Raichur Thermal Power Station, Yermaras Thermal Power Station & Bellary Thermal Power Station for the year 2020-21 in staggered manner to respective projects as per the quantity schedule”- Corrigendum-II-reg.16.09.202014.10.2020
47“Procurement of 5048 KL of High Speed Diesel (HSD) required for Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS), Bellary Thermal Power Station (BTPS), Yermaras Thermal Power Station (YTPS), Kali Hydro Electric Project (KHEP) –I & II , Sharavathy valley project (SVP), Varahi Hydro Electric Project (VHEP) of Karnataka Power Corporation for three years in staggered manner to respective projects/locations as per the quantity schedule”- Corrigendum-II-reg.16.09.202014.10.2020
48Works at BTPS01.10.202016.10.2020
49Design, engineering, supply, erection, testing & commissioning of 03 nos. of LVRT compatible 1000kW capacity inverters & SCADA System for establishing communication link for real time data exchange between existing 2 Nos of 1000kW inverters & proposed 3 Nos of 1000kW capacity inverters & other plant equipments at 5MW Solar PV Plant, Shivasamudram, Mandya Dist01.10.202027.10.2020
50Supply and Installation of different types of Pressure, Temperature and DP Gauges for RTPS U#8 (1x250MW)30.09.202017.10.2020
51Brief bid notification-Replacement of damaged poles and restringing work of 11KV line at hillslope ,Hosangadi30.09.202007.10.2020
52Brief bid notification30.09.202007.10.2020

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