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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1Procurement of Spares at BTPS31.08.202028.09.2020
2Procurement of Spares at BTPS31.08.202007.09.2020
3Replacement of KAY rotary twin lobe compressor (roots blower) by new compressor with motor set in RTPS colony29.08.202015.09.2020
4Procurement of Fly ash vacuum line unloading tee for YTPS30.07.202031.08.2020
5Procurement of 150 NB Dome valve assembly (without actuator) required for YTPS30.07.202031.08.2020
6Supply of Wire rope and Chain Pulley Blocks of various sizes to Varahi Hydro Electric Project, Hosangadi – 57628228.08.202012.09.2020
7Corrigendum issued for the Repair and Refurbishment of 210MW HP Turbine Module (Inner Casing & rotor) for Unit-2 of RTPS, KPCL, Shakthinagar, Anchor.27.08.202014.09.2020
8Auctioning of released/scrap oil at KPCL Store Ambikanagar, Nagjhari Power House22.09.2020
9Procurement of 2 Nos. of Servo Valves required for governor system of Francis turbine at NPH – corrigendum18.08.202025.08.2020
10Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Field Instruments at Ghataprabha Dam Power House, KPCL, Hidkal Dam18.08.202002.09.2020
11Supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 2 Nos. of 50 HP single stage submersible pump set with starter panel and pipe suitable for the existing main line at Ghataprabha Dam Power house.18.08.202002.09.2020
12Supply of 0.2s Class, outdoor type, single phase, oil cooled, 5 core, 245KV Class Current Transformers for NPH as per enclosed technical specification (make: Elpro/ CGL/ ABB/ GE T&D India Ltd./ Lamco/ Siemens/ Oblum/ Birla/ equivalent)14.08.202028.08.2020
13Procurement of 02Ns. of 220KV class wave traps with terminal connectors & suspension accessories for NPH (Make: Alstom/ Siemens /ABB /equivalent)13.08.202026.08.2020
14Procurement of 02Ns. of Thyristor cooling fan with frame (Make: SEMIKRON /Equivalent) (Thyristor cooling fan complete assembly consisting of 02fans & cover ) suitable for Thyne5 Excitation system at NPH13.08.202026.08.2020
15Routine, Preventive and Emergency Maintenance and Operation Works of Ghataprabha Dam Power House – AMC07.08.202017.08.2020
16Supply of Various types of Bearings to Varahi Hydro Electric Project, Hosangadi – 57628225.08.202009.09.2020
17Supply of Personnel Protective Equipments (PPE) to Varahi Hydro Electric Project, Hosangadi – 57628225.08.202009.09.2020
18Providing Roof treatment to existing “Type B” and “Type C” Quarters at YCCPP premises, Yelahanka, Bangalore21.08.202005.09.2020
19Upgradation of road from main entrance gate to Admin office, Guest House and Club building at YCCPP premises, Yelahanka.20.08.202004.09.2020
20SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS VIDE E-PORTAL-Reg18.08.202022.09.2020
21Procurement of Spares at BTPs21.08.202001.09.2020
22Procurement of Spares at BTPs21.08.202018.09.2020
23Procurement of Spares at BTPS21.08.202003.09.2020
24Supply and fixing of energy efficient LED Luminaires by replacing conventional HPMV light fittings at Varahi Under Ground Power House, Hosangadi21.08.202031.08.2020
25Design, engineering, manufacture, Quality Surveillance, inspection & testing at supplier’s works, supply, packing, forwarding to site, transportation, F.O.R-BTPS, unloading, storage, preservation, handling at site, all mechanical, C&I systems, electrical equipment and systems, steel structures, civil works with new chimney, insurance, erection, painting, start-up, trial operation, testing, commissioning, performance guarantee testing and warranty for wet lime stone flue gas desulphurization plant for 2 x 500MW, units-1 & 2 and 1 x 700MW, unit – 3 of Bellary Thermal Power Station of KPCL, Kudithini, Bellary District, Karnataka and handing over to the Owner an operating plant and Operation & maintenance of FGD system including supply of spares & consumables for Three (03) years as per the scope identified in the technical specification of the Bid document of BTPS, 2 X 500MW, units-1 & 2 and 1 X 700MW, unit – 320.08.202019.09.2020
26Providing of water proof treatment to RCC roof for CAAQMS-1 & 3 and Painting & modification works to CAAQMS-2 buildings at BTPS19.08.202005.09.2020
27Removing, cleaning, rectification of HDPE downtake pipe at Unit 1 & 2 power house rear wall from 17.00m to 39.00m Lvl at BTPS19.08.202005.09.2020
28Construction of concrete pavement and interlock pavers to fire station building at BTPS08.08.202003.09.2020
31Procurement of conveyor belts for maintainance of conveyor system of CHP at YTPS11.08.202029.08.2020
32Brief bid notification-Providing computer connection/LAN connection, AC system and LED lighting system for new conference hall at Hosangadi, Kundapura(T), Udupi(D)17.08.202025.08.2020
33Procurement of Spares at BTPS17.08.202009.09.2020
34Procurement of Spares at BTPS17.08.202003.09.2020
35Procurement of Spares at BTPS17.08.202027.08.2020
36Procurement of Spares for Centrifugal pumps at YTPS14.08.202014.09.2020
37Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Heavy duty Roll E drag chain cable carrier system in place of conventional festoon trolley system for Shuttle Conveyor 55A in CHP-2 bunker area.13.08.202021.08.2020
38Supply, Erection & Commissioning of 10 Ton Monorail block Hoist, Fabrication of supporting structure and providing at Cement godown at RTPS13.08.202027.08.2020
39Procurement of Brass and SS Fittings of Various Sizes12.08.202011.09.2020
40Procurement of Pressure gauges for YTPS11.08.202010.09.2020
41Supply & Fixing of LED luminaries at tunnel and bunker area of CHP -1 & 213.08.202021.08.2020
42Procurement of Transducers for YTPS10.08.202010.09.2020
43Cable Unreeling / Reeling, Segregation, Arranging of materials in C-godown & shifting of scrap materials to RTPS store.12.08.202022.08.2020
44Procurement of HSS Power Hacksaw Blade for YTPS11.08.202010.09.2020
45Providing ward boy (male & female) for shift duties to carry out day to day cleaning maintenance in KPCL Hospitals located at Hosangadi and Masthikatte, for a period of six months11.08.202019.08.2020
46Works at BTPS11.08.202024.08.2020
47Procurement of spares for Screw Compressors at YTPS10.08.202010.09.2020
48Procurement of Gaskets & Non Asbestos Gland Ropes for YTPS10.08.202010.09.2020
49Procurement of Spares at BTPS04.08.202012.08.2020
50Procurement of Spares at BTPS10.08.202024.08.2020
51Procurement of Spares at BTPS10.08.202024.08.2020
52Procurement of spares at BTPS10.08.202025.08.2020
53Procurement of spares at BTPS10.08.202025.08.2020
54Procurement of spares at BTPS10.08.202024.08.2020
55Procurement of spares at BTPS10.08.202021.08.2020
56“Replacement of very old main cooling water pump along with motor of Unit No4&5 at Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls – 577435, Shing – Dist, Karnataka”06.08.202003.09.2020
57Trouble Shooting, Supply & Replacement of faulty spare parts & repair of faulty SF6 trolley mounted HPA 12/ 1240 CF, 6.6KV HT breakers in EECHPE2 division of RTPS31.07.202021.08.2020
58Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for Motorola make VHF wireless sets of Coal Handling Plant30.07.202020.08.2020
59Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Heavy duty Roll E drag chain cable carrier system along with power & control cables in place of conventional festoon trolley system for shuttle conveyor 55A in CHP-2 bunker area.03.08.202010.08.2020
60Dismantling 2 No. of Acoustic Enclosures from Yaramarus Thermal Power Station (YTPS) 2X800MW Raichur District in the state of Karnataka, India packing & forwarding, transportation, supply, delivery F.O.R. Yelahanka Combined Cycle Power Plant (YCCPP) site, unloading, receipt & storage, handling at site, including insurance towards transit risk / storage / intra site transportation and modify the acoustic enclosures suitably to enclose the 2 Nos of Gas Booster Compressors (excluding motors and gear box) located at YCCPP site, erection, commissioning, including painting touchup (where ever necessary) and handing over of the enclosures for 1 x 370MW of Yelahanka Combined Cycle Power Plant of KPCL, Yelahanka, Bangalore- 560064, in the State of Karnataka, India.06.08.202017.08.2020
61Design, engineering, manufacture, quality surveillance, testing at works, supply, transportation to site, storage at site, local intra-site transportation, erection, testing and commissioning, performance guarantee tests and handing over of one No. of VIP lift of 680Kgs/ 10 Passengers capacity of Unit-4 and one No. of Freight lift of 1500Kgs capacity of Unit-5&6 including dismantling and Buyback of existing lifts, civil and electrical works, certification etc.,06.08.202014.08.2020
62No. A7M1A/KPCL/TENDER/VEHICLES/2020/CALL-2/103131.07.202012.08.2020
63Procurement of 02 Nos. of Servo valves (Make :Moog / Equivalent), model: D 684-4007 required for governor system of Francis turbine at NPH31.07.202018.08.2020
64AMC of AC Plant at GDPH for a period of two years28.07.202012.08.2020
65E-PROCUREMENT OF SPARES TO RTPS24.07.202005.09.2020
66Repair works of KPCL Fire Fighting System of CNS-9773 Fire Tender vehicle of Sharavathy Valley Project, KPCL, Jogfalls-57743530.07.202012.08.2020
67Retreading of 122 nos. of tyres of various sizes and cut repairs(patches) of 40 nos. of tyres on Annual Rate Contract basis required for Jog and Kargal Garages of KPCL, Sharavathy Valley Project, Jogfalls, Karnataka30.07.202012.08.2020
68Supply of 01 no. new 50HP Submersible pump set to BRP, KPCL, Jog falls, Karnataka31.07.202018.08.2020
69supply of 362 pairs Industrial safety shoes for Sharavathy Valley Project, KPCL, Jogfalls – 57743529.07.202012.08.2020
70supply of 4 nos. of LVDT/LPT and 4 nos. of Rotary Transducer for Governing System for GPH KPCL, Jogfalls, Karnataka30.07.202018.08.2020
71Re-electrification of yard master office, FOIS room, Senior section engineer office and wagon tippler-1,2,3,4 and 531.07.202008.08.2020
73Replacement of KAY rotary twin lobe compressor (roots blower) by new compressor with motor set in RTPS colony Raichur30.07.202015.08.2020
74Procurement of spares at BTPS03.08.202020.08.2020
75Procurement of spares at BTPS03.08.202018.08.2020
76Procurement of spares at BTPS03.08.202014.08.2020
77Procurement of spares at BTPS03.08.202005.08.2020
78Procurement of spares at BTPS28.07.202014.08.2020
79Procurement of spares at BTPS22.07.202010.08.2020
80Procurement of spares at BTPS30.07.202014.08.2020
81Procurement of Air filter regulators for YTPS03.08.202003.09.2020
82Procurement of Air Motor for Air Pre Heaters at YTPS24.07.202024.08.2020
83Procurement of Insulation Mattress for YTPS23.07.202024.08.2020

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