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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS07.08.201902.09.2019
2procurement of spares at BTPS26.07.201905.08.2019
3Erection, Testing and commissioning of 2 Nos. of 16.5MVA 11KV/110KV Toshiba make OFWF generator Transformers for generators 1&2 at MGHE power house, Jogfalls-577435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka.22.07.201919.08.2019
4Supply of Spares for RTPS22.07.201928.08.2019
5Procurement of spares to BTPS16.07.201916.08.2019
6Improvements and painting works at 6th Floor, Shakthibhavana, Bangalore18.07.201902.08.2019
7procurement of spares at BTPS19.07.201916.08.2019
8Replacement of Belleville springs of 3 Nos. Nozzles of 2nd stage Units with new design Helical springs and rectification of Nozzles at Varahi Underground Power House, Hosangadi, Kundapura tq. Udupi dist. Karnataka17.07.201917.08.2019
10Supply, Retrofit, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Numerical Protection relays having IEC61850 Ed-2 with PRP protocol for 400kV and 220kV switchyard protection of lines/elements at Raichur Thermal Power Station and Bellary Thermal Power Station.16.07.201911.09.2019
11Supply installation and commissioning of telephone exchange at Hosangadi, Kundapur(T),Udupi(D)16.07.201914.08.2019
12Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Computers, Printers, OFC, Media Converters and LAN system at VHEP, Hosangadi for the year 2019-2011.07.201913.08.2019
13Supply of spares to RTPS vide e-portal08.07.201912.08.2019
14call-2 NIT10.07.201930.07.2019
15E-tender: Procurement of 300mm ERW Pipe for YTPS10.07.201907.08.2019
16e-Tender:Procurement of APH Seals10.07.201913.08.2019
17Enquiry: Procurement of Miniature Circuit Breakers for YTPS10.07.201907.08.2019
18"Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Online Insulation Monitoring system compatible to existing M/s Bender make Portable Earth fault locator(EDS195P) for 220V DCDBs of Units- 5, 6, 7 & 8 located in Unit Switchgears at RTPS”.-Reg09.07.201914.08.2019
19e-Tender:Procurement of 5 Ton Capacity diesel operated forklift for YTPS10.07.201910.08.2019
20Enquiry: Procurement of Chain Pulley Block and Slings for YTPS02.07.201931.07.2019
21Enquiry: Procurement of Hand tools for YTPS02.07.201931.07.2019
22Enquiry: Procurement of desktop PC06.07.201913.07.2019
23Providing Grizzly to ERH – 2 & 3 of Unit – 3 at BTPS06.07.201920.07.2019
25SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS-REG24.06.201925.07.2019
26Procurement of spares to BTPS04.07.201905.08.2019
27Routine and breakdown and maintenance work of wagon tippers for a period of one year03.07.201911.07.2019
28SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS-REG14.06.201911.07.2019
29Corrigendum issued for Implementation of Flue Gas Desulphurization system at YTPS, 2X800 MW units02.07.201922.07.2019
30Corrigendum issued for Implementation of Flue Gas Desulphurization system at RTPS, 7X210 MW and 1X250 MW units02.07.201920.07.2019
31Corrigendum issued for Implementation of Flue Gas Desulphurization system at BTPS, 2X500 MW and 1X700 MW units03.07.201926.07.2019
32KERC Tariff petition Filing form 1-18 for 2*800 MW Yermarus Thermal Power Plant and Related Document Annexures04.07.201930.09.2019
33Re-Tubing of 1 No. of spare Air cooler for 115MW Hydro generator with buy back of released tubes at VUGPH, Hosangadi, Kundapura(T), Udupi(D).02.07.201917.07.2019
34Supply, installation, commissioning and comprehensive maintenance for a period of 10 years of radar type level transmitter along with seamless real time data transfer to KPCL Ash Management software for the U#1,2&3 AHP silos at BTPS02.07.201910.07.2019
35Comprehensive Annual Maintenance contract of split type Air Conditioners installed at BGS and guest house located at B.R. Project – 577115, Shing- Dist, Karnataka.21.06.201922.07.2019
36Procurement of spares to BTPS26.06.201923.07.2019

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