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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1Procurement of Sulphuric Acid required for RTPS05.11.201802.11.2018
2Cleaning of fine screen elements in gate bay of CW pump house of Unit – I & 2 at BTPS Plant for the year 2018-19(from Oct-2018 to March 2019)26.09.201806.10.2018
3Housekeeping work of KPCL Office Premises at Shakthi Bhavan, Sudarshan Complex and Trade Centre at Bengaluru.25.09.201806.10.2018
4Replacement of Lexmark Printers with New A4 Size LaserJet Duplex Printers at BTPS26.09.201816.10.2018
5Supply, Laying & Commissioning of OFC LAN from SERVER ROOM to UCB-3 at BTPS26.09.201816.10.2018
6Improvements to DAR police room and gauge room and construction of toilets at check posts and SEE office building at Shivasamudram26.09.201826.10.2018
7Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal20.09.201810.10.2018
8Procurement of spares to BTPS22.09.201823.10.2018
9SHORT TERM Tender for the work-Rewinding, overhauling & re-commissioning of HVRT-B1 of Unit-6 ESP22.09.201809.10.2018
10SHORT TERM Tender for the work-COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT OF DESKTOP PCs AND PRINTERS, FOR THE YEAR 2018-19 at Raichur Thermal Power Station, Shakthinagar, Raichur District, Karnataka State, Pin code – 584
11Procurement of spares to BTPS17.09.201828.09.2018
12Procurement of spares to BTPS14.09.201809.10.2018
13Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal04.09.201824.09.2018
151. “Jungle clearance in and around colony area, hill slope area of Shiva Power House and SFC area at Shivasamudram for a period of one year” amounting to Rs. 11.78 lakhs. 2. “Jungle clearance in and around colony area, along power channel road from Shimsha head gate to F point, forebay area, rose garden, Shimsha Power house surrounded area and hill slope area at Shimshapura for a period of one year” amounting to Rs. 11.30 lakhs.15.09.201815.10.2018
16"Design, Engineering, manufacture, quality surveillance, testing at manufacturer works, supply, transportation, arranging transit insurance, delivery on FOR destination basis, and erection, testing & commissioning of 245kV, SF6 Circuit Breakers, 245kV Current Transformers, 245kV Potential Transformers, 245kV Capacitor Voltage Transformers and 198kV 10 KA Lightning Arresters along with all associated accessories required for Sharavathy Generating Station, Nagjhari Power House, Staff & Kodasalli Power Houses, Gerusoppa Power House, Varahi Under Ground Power House, Alamatti Dam Power House”.17.09.201817.11.2018
17SHORT TERM Tender for the work of “Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Five sets of 220V/350A/300A float & boost chargers (Each set consists of Float-1, Boost-1, with switching panel-1) for five numbers of 2035AH Plante / OPZS battery banks with all accessories and necessary spares to retrofit the existing Three sets of float and boost chargers of Unit-5 & 6 and Two sets float and boost chargers of Unit-7 under buy-back scheme..14.09.201827.09.2018
18"Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Quality Surveillance, Testing at works, arranging transit insurance, Supply, retrofit, Erection, Testing and commissioning of Pre-wired simplex panels consisting of Bay Control Unit based Line (Main – 1 & 2 scheme), Bus coupler (Main – 1, 2 & Back up OC/EF) Protection and Centralised Bus Bar Protection for Kadra, Kodasalli & Almatti Dam Power House14.09.201815.11.2018
19Maintenance of temporary residential and non-residential buildings at Kargal colony for the year 2018-
20Construction of storm water drain & protection work to walls behind MG-210 at Kargal colony.11.09.201811.10.2018
21Providing protection works behind NPE type buildings at Kargal colony.11.09.201811.10.2018
22Maintenance of permanent residential and non-residential buildings at Kargal colony for the year 2018-
23Providing painting to C type permanent residential buildings at Kargal colony for the year 2018-
24Construction of permanent RCC main drains at Kargal colony.11.09.201811.10.2018
25Improvements to NPE type buildings at Kargal colony.11.09.201811.10.2018
26Development of garden around Linganamakki dam and Power house.11.09.201811.10.2018
27Providing concrete pavement in front of power house and audit drainage galleries of Linganamakki dam10.09.201809.10.2018
28Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Gateway Firewall to BTPS11.09.201819.09.2018
29Tenders in two covers are invited by Executive Engineer (MSP)H/ KPCL, Hosangadi through “e” Procurement Portal (Website URL:https://eproc.karnataka.gov.in) for providing two nos. of new M&M Bolero/ Equivalent 9(8+1) Seater, Non-A/c, Diesel vehicles of 2018 onwards model along with drivers for KPCL duty (24 hours availability) on monthly hire basis for a period of two years and extendable for One more year subjected to satisfactory contract execution, for Varahi Hydro Electric Project (Power House/Office), Hosangadi, Kundapura taluk,Udupi Dist-57628211.09.201810.10.2018
30Carrying out Routine & Annual overhauling maintenance works of I & C system04.09.201801.10.2018
31Reconditioning of cavitation portion of TGB cone (DT side), inner surface of Steel house and replacing of Cup seal plates and Cup Seals of all the Runner blades of generating unit-2 in Linganamakki Dam Power House, Linganamakki, Shimoga district-577421.06.09.201804.10.2018
32Providing External Lightning Protection to Power House Building & KIOSK-2 at Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls-577435, Shing – Dist, Karnataka06.09.201803.10.2018
33Carrying out Routine & Annual overhauling maintenance works of I & C system04.09.201801.10.2018
34Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal04.09.201824.09.2018
35Procurement of spares to BTPS04.09.201821.09.2018
36Supply of Printing papers of size A3 and A4 for VUGPH05.09.201804.10.2018
37Supply of Cartridges of Make HP & Lexmark printers for VUGPH05.09.201804.10.2018
38Supply of one no. of 850kVA cast resin type transformer for excitation system with 3nos. of HVCT for VUGPH01.09.201829.09.2018
39SHORT TERM Tender for the work-Annual Overhauling of LT- Switchgear and Motors in outlying areas of Units # 4, 5, 6 & 7 pertaining to EE(OLA)E division for the year 2018-
40SHORT TERM Tender for the work-Annual Overhauling of LT- Switch Gear and Motors in outlying areas of Units # 1, 2, 3 & 8 and AHP Unit # 8 pertaining to EE(OLA)E division for the year 2018-1903.09.201818.09.2018
41SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS-Reg24.08.201804.10.2018
42SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS-Reg29.08.201818.09.2018
43SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS-Reg11.08.201825.09.2018
44Supply of Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide & Nitrogen gas(Refilling in KPCL cylinders) and Servicing of Gas cylinders required for maintenance of Generator & its Auxiliaries of 2×500 MW and 1×700 MW Units at BTPS for a period of 1 year(2018-19)30.08.201806.09.2018
45Carrying out Routine Electrical Maintenance of Pump House equipments, Sub-Station equipments and Illumination works at Maralihalla Pump House, Gangavathi, Koppal District, Karnataka for a period of One year03.09.201814.09.2018
46SHORT TERM Tender for the work- Annual Overhauling including periodical maintenance work of 220/400 KV switch yard equipments such as SF6 circuit breakers, isolators,CT’s, CVT’s, PT’s, LA’s DG sets and LT swictgear for a period of 12 months30.08.201808.09.2018
47Supply of spares for RTPS vide E-tender01.09.201809.10.2018
48ENERGY AUDIT OF 7x 210 MW & 1x 250MW UNITS OF RAICHUR TPS01.09.201815.09.2018
49Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of PCs, Laptops, Scanners and Printers located at Y.C.C.P.P, Yelahanka for contract period of two years01.09.201803.10.2018

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