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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1House keeping of Power House Building, ODY area, Unit-4 office, Divisional store & operation and maintenance of water supply works at club and Indra Bhavan colonies at Munirabad and Maintenance of Shakthivana garden in front of power house for the period of one year- 2016-1731.05.201615.06.2016
2Providing Driver services for KPCL projects located at Ambikanagar & Staff30.05.201613.06.2016
3Procurement of spares to BTPS28.05.201627.06.2016
4Procurement of 220KV Class Wave Trap -Corrigendum26.05.201613.06.2016
5SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS26.05.201627.06.2016
6Mainteanance of Power Supply works in Jog & MGHE colonies including Valve House, Vodenbyle,Trolley House, Fore bay area through extgernal agency for a period of one year, KPCL,Jogfalls-577435,shimoga-Dist,karnataka.25.05.201613.06.2016
7Design,Manufacture/Casting,Testing,Supply & Erection of 02 Nos of bottom water boxes for Stator air coolers of 2nd stage units at Sharavathy Generating Station,Jogfalls-577435,Shimoga-Dist,Karnataka.24.05.201614.05.2016
8Procurement of spares to BTPS23.05.201622.06.2016
9Procurement of spares to BTPS23.05.201621.06.2016
10Carrying out Routine maintenance & Annual overhauling works of I&C OLA system /equipments pertaining to Ash handling system, Maralihalla pump house, Jackwell, PT plant, RODM plant, Chlorination plant, Condensate polishing unit, ACW SCS, clarifiers Etc., at Unit#1X500MW, Unit#2X500MW & Unit#3X700MW (only Routine Maintenance) of BTPS for a period of one year20.05.201609.06.2016
11Formation of Roads & Internal drains network to B&C quarters, Guest Houses, shopping complex, security buildings & sports complex etc., under-Reach-I at BTPS Township18.05.201617.06.2016
12SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS12.05.201631.05.2016
13SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS11.05.201621.06.2016
14Modification and Retrofitting of existing CO2 fire extinguisher system of Unit Nos.3,4 and 5 at Sharavathy Generating Station,Jogfalls-577435,Shimoga-Dist,Karnataka.20.05.201627.05.2016
15Periodical cleaning of silt/slush from canal bed of diversion canal (Ramappana halla) and vents of compounds wall inside BTPS plant for the year 2016-
16SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS14.05.201614.06.2016
17Supply Of H2 Gas for Yeramarus Thermal Power Station19.05.201631.05.2016
18Supply of CO2 gas for Yeramarus Thermal Power Station19.05.201630.05.2016
19Procurement of spares to ADPH & MDPH- Purchase Enquiry17.05.201617.06.2016
20Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-tender17.05.201616.06.2016
21Procurement of spares to BTPS16.05.201617.06.2016
22Procurement of Lubricant and Grease for Stage-I Vestas make Machines.21.04.201625.05.2016
23Procurement of 220KV Class Wave Trap as per Enclosed Technical Specifications.23.04.201624.05.2016
24SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS06.05.201614.06.2016
25Supply, fabrication, transportation and erection of steel house platforms for 02 units (Unit No.1 & 3) at Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls – 577435, Shing – Dist, Karnataka07.05.201617.05.2016
26Repair and rectification of 03Nos. spare Turbine Guide Bearing shells of 1st & 2nd stage units in Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls 577435, Shing – Dist, Karnataka11.05.201621.05.2016
27OH works of Boiler and Auxiliaries of Unit 5 to 8 at RTPS12.05.201613.06.2016
28Maintenance of power supply at Kargal and Linganamakki colonies, Linganamakki and Talakalale dam and other connected areas of Kargal power supply division by external agency for a period of one year.07.05.201625.05.2016
29Repair/Reconditioning of CW pump Parts of Bellary Thermal Power Station .07.05.201623.05.2016
30Procurement of spares to BTPS05.05.201607.07.2016
31Providing Interlocking pavers for pathway from Material Gate to Technical building at BTPS.07.05.201607.06.2016
32Supply,Installation, Testing & Commissioning of “Microprocessor based three phase relay testing kit” With software and other accessories for electrical relay testing lab at Yeramarus Thermal Power Station.05.05.201630.05.2016
33SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS23.04.201607.06.2016
34De-watering, de-silting, disposing off the fallen PVC fills and fabricating & erecting new PVC fills for Natural Draft Cooling Tower-1 at BTPS.03.05.201602.06.2016
35Supply Of Control Cables for Yeramarus Thermal Power Station RPCL03.05.201618.05.2016
36Procurement of spares to BTPS02.05.201627.05.2016
37Procurement of spares to BTPS02.05.201627.05.2016
38Procurement of spares to BTPS02.05.201624.05.2016
39Procurement of spares to BTPS29.04.201630.05.2016

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