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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1Routine, Preventive and Emergency Maintenance and Operation Works of Ghataprabha Dam Power House – AMC07.08.202017.08.2020
2(English) Procurement of Spares at BTPS04.08.202012.08.2020
3(English) Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Heavy duty Roll E drag chain cable carrier system along with power & control cables in place of conventional festoon trolley system for shuttle conveyor 55A in CHP-2 bunker area.03.08.202010.08.2020
4(English) Dismantling 2 No. of Acoustic Enclosures from Yaramarus Thermal Power Station (YTPS) 2X800MW Raichur District in the state of Karnataka, India packing & forwarding, transportation, supply, delivery F.O.R. Yelahanka Combined Cycle Power Plant (YCCPP) site, unloading, receipt & storage, handling at site, including insurance towards transit risk / storage / intra site transportation and modify the acoustic enclosures suitably to enclose the 2 Nos of Gas Booster Compressors (excluding motors and gear box) located at YCCPP site, erection, commissioning, including painting touchup (where ever necessary) and handing over of the enclosures for 1 x 370MW of Yelahanka Combined Cycle Power Plant of KPCL, Yelahanka, Bengaluru- 560064, in the State of Karnataka, India.06.08.202017.08.2020
5(English) Design, engineering, manufacture, quality surveillance, testing at works, supply, transportation to site, storage at site, local intra-site transportation, erection, testing and commissioning, performance guarantee tests and handing over of one No. of VIP lift of 680Kgs/ 10 Passengers capacity of Unit-4 and one No. of Freight lift of 1500Kgs capacity of Unit-5&6 including dismantling and Buyback of existing lifts, civil and electrical works, certification etc.,06.08.202014.08.2020
6No. A7M1A/KPCL/TENDER/VEHICLES/2020/CALL-2/103131.07.202012.08.2020
7AMC of AC Plant at GDPH for a period of two years28.07.202012.08.2020
8Repair works of KPCL Fire Fighting System of CNS-9773 Fire Tender vehicle of Sharavathy Valley Project, KPCL, Jogfalls-57743530.07.202012.08.2020
9Retreading of 122 nos. of tyres of various sizes and cut repairs(patches) of 40 nos. of tyres on Annual Rate Contract basis required for Jog and Kargal Garages of KPCL, Sharavathy Valley Project, Jogfalls, Karnataka30.07.202012.08.2020
10supply of 362 pairs Industrial safety shoes for Sharavathy Valley Project, KPCL, Jogfalls – 57743529.07.202012.08.2020
11(English) Re-electrification of yard master office, FOIS room, Senior section engineer office and wagon tippler-1,2,3,4 and 531.07.202008.08.2020
12(English) Replacement of KAY rotary twin lobe compressor (roots blower) by new compressor with motor set in RTPS colony Raichur30.07.202015.08.2020
13(English) Procurement of spares at BTPS03.08.202014.08.2020
14(English) Procurement of spares at BTPS03.08.202005.08.2020
15(English) Procurement of spares at BTPS28.07.202014.08.2020
16(English) Procurement of spares at BTPS22.07.202010.08.2020
17(English) Procurement of spares at BTPS30.07.202014.08.2020

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