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1(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Submersible pump for YTPS27.06.201917.07.2019
2(English) Unloading and reloading of coal from conveyor belt whenever the conveyor overload / belt cut / belt fold etc. and routine cleaning of conveyor gallery , conveyor tunnel and the Wagon tippler pit for a period of 15 days27.06.201929.06.2019
3(English) Providing assistance, Monitoring of conveyors during operation of CHP Unit 3 Equipments and associated Junction Towers round the clock for a period of 15 days27.06.201929.06.2019
4Underwater inspection and replacement of trash rack panels for one unit of Supa dam19.06.201915.07.2019
5Jungle clearance beneath and sides of project I & II 11kV lines and Project III 11kV lines18.06.201917.07.2019
6(English) Enquiry:Procurement of various types of inserts25.06.201924.07.2019
7(English) Enquiry:Procurement of Measuring Instruments25.06.201924.07.2019
8(English) procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal20.06.201922.07.2019
9(English) procurement of spares in Btps22.06.201916.07.2019
10(English) procurement of spares in Btps22.06.201909.07.2019
11(English) Routine and Breakdown maintenance works of Electrical equipment of Priority Path-II and Regular path including MCC8 and MCC9 for a period of one month of CHP of 700MW Unit-3 at BTPS15.06.201928.06.2019
12(English) Enquiry :Procurement of various types of turning, facing and boring inserts18.06.201903.07.2019
13(English) Enquiry :Procurement of free float steam trap18.06.201903.07.2019
14(English) e-Tender:Procurement of dense phase mill reject handling system for YTPS17.07.201914.08.2019
15(English) e tender: Procurement of 12V, 160Ah Batteries for DG Set at YTPS22.06.201922.07.2019
16(English) fabrication & erection of ladder for penstocks at shiva HEP20.06.201922.07.2019
17(English) ). Day to day works at stores,forebay,penstock and SE office at SHIva HEP. (SHORT TERM).21.06.201908.07.2019
18(English) e-Tender:Procurement of spares for electrostatic precipitators20.06.201918.07.2019
19(English) Procurement of MS Angles for BM20.06.201918.07.2019
20(English) e-Tender:Procurement of diesel operated 5Ton Capacity Forklift14.06.201929.06.2019
21Supply, Laying, Fitting, Testing and Commissioning of new 200 NB & 100 NB Oil Pipeline from drain valves of each Generator & Auxiliary Transformer to Sump Pit for Emergency Oil Drain System at Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls-577435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka.21.06.201919.07.2019
22(English) Installation of Flue Gas De-sulphurization System at BTPS, 2X500MW and 1X700MW units12.06.201912.07.2019
23Routine, Preventive and Emergency Maintenance and Operation Works of Ghataprabha Dam Power House – AMC14.06.201921.06.2019
24(English) Short term tender for the work- “Periodical special assistance for breakdown / preventive maintenance of Generator and Its Auxiliaries, Generator Relay Panels, DAVR, Generator Control & Common Auxiliary Desk Panels, Batteries & Battery chargers of Units -5, 6, 7 & 8, Variable Frequency Drives for ID Fans of Unit-5, 6 & 8, 400 KV Switch yard controls & Relay panels and Marshalling Kiosks for a period of two months” at RTPS12.06.201919.06.2019
25Arresting of water leakage by replacing the Trunion Seal of Main Inlet Valve and replacement of damaged Penstock Drain Valve of Right Bank Unit-2 at Bhadra Generating Station-577115, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka.11.06.201911.07.2019
26Providing Diving services for Penstock Gate Sealing and Lifting works of RBK#2 Unit at Right Bank Power House of Bhadra Generating Station – 577115, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka.11.06.201911.07.2019
27(English) Procurement of spares through btps purchage e-portal12.06.201911.07.2019
28(English) Procurement of spares through btps purchage e-portal08.06.201908.07.2019
29Supply of 4no. of Outdoor IP PTZ 2MP Cameras12.06.201912.07.2019
30(English) Annual maintenance of Guest house, power house, garden and colony at Shimsha HEP for a period of one year.12.06.201919.06.2019
31Annual maintenance of Guest house, power house, garden and colony at Shiva HEP for a period of one year12.06.201919.06.2019
32Operation and Maintenance of Fore bay and Kargal Anicut (Head Gate) for a period of one year at MGHE Project, KPCL, Jogfalls-577435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka.10.06.201925.06.2019
33(English) Providing cement concrete approach road for WT-5 at Unit-3 CHP area BTPS.06.06.201911.06.2019
34(English) Consultancy Services for PAT Cycle-2- Monitoring & Verification of BTPS Units 1 & 2 (2 x 500 MW) for the year 201910.06.201925.06.2019
35(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal04.06.201903.07.2019
36Arresting of MIV water leakage by replacing the Main Inlet Value Seal and Replacement of Guide Vane Cup Seal of 2MW Left Bank Unit at Bhadra Generating Station,-577115, Shimoga-Dist, Karnataka.04.06.201903.07.2019
37Overhauling of generator, turbine, oil pressure unit, intake & draft tube gates and guide vanes of Unit-1&2, Overhauling of gear box of Unit-2 and installation & commissioning of new gear box of Unit-1.-Malaprabha Mini Hydel Plant04.06.201909.07.2019
38(English) Procurement of spares at BTPS06.06.201902.07.2019
39Dismantling the existing 1.1kV 400 sq.mm. cables and Laying, end termination of new 1.1kV 400sq.mm. copper XLPE cables to Unit Auxiliary Panels at Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls – 577435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka.28.05.201926.06.2019
40(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Molygraph CRG100 for YTPS31.05.201926.06.2019
41(English) Enquiry: Procurement of parting tools03.06.201919.06.2019

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