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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1Supply& Installation of 15 Nos. of 2.0TR capacity Split A.C. System to Second level Control Room at Gerusoppa Power House27.12.201807.01.2019
2(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS -Reg14.12.201817.01.2019
3(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES FOR RTPS VIDE E-PORTAL- Reg26.12.201804.02.2019
4Renovation of Turbine floor & Cable Gallery illumination system at Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls – 577435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka27.12.201824.01.2019
5(English) Repair / Rewinding of CGL make, 180kW, 6.6kV, 1480RPM, squrrel cage induction motor with machine no:TVC392071/520.12.201809.01.2018
6(English) Annual Rate Contract for repair/rewinding of LT motors up to 45 kW capacity, submaersible pump, coils and sirens for a period of one year20.12.201809.12.2018
7(English) Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Gateway Firewall at RTPS17.12.201816.01.2018
8(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Analog meters for YTPS07.01.201906.02.2019
9(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal22.12.201822.01.2019
10(English) Supply of spares for RTPS vide e-portal18.12.201825.01.2019
11(English) Providing, Installation, Testing & commissioning of 3 star rated Split AC’ s at various location of BTPS Note: Environmental Friendly refrigerant & Condensor coil should be Copper Make: Blue Star, Carrier, Voltas, LG , Samsung, Daikin only22.12.201822.01.2018
12(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS22.12.201808.01.2019
13Replacement of existing 500 NB , 120 M long MS ERW pipeline from Overhead tank in control cable tunnel including supply of all materials, lead and lift, painting and other related works at Varahi Underground Power House, Hosangadi, Kundapura tq. Udupi dist. Karnataka21.12.201821.01.2019
14(English) Releasing, Re-conditioning and Re-erection of 30 Mtrs High mast (Polygonal mast) at CHP near reject coal yard (con-16 dead end)and at coal reception line in marshalling yard15.12.201815.01.2019
15(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS-REG01.12.201811.01.2019
16(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS21.12.201801.01.2018
17(English) Supply, Erection, Testing and commissioning of H2 gas online leakage monitoring system for 1X500MW of Unit-1&2 and 1X700MW of Unit 315.12.201824.12.2018
18(English) e-Tender :Procurement of Fasteners (MM) for YTPS07.12.201807.01.2018
19(English) e-Tender :Procurement of Fasteners (BM) for YTPS03.12.201829.12.2018
20(English) e-Tender :Procurement of 5Ton Capacity diesel operated forklift for YTPS04.12.201805.01.2019
21(English) e-Tender :Procurement of APH seals for YTPS03.12.201829.12.2018
22(English) e-Tender:Procurement of ultrasonic thickness gauge for YTPS19.12.201818.01.2018
23(English) e-Tender :Procurement of electrical operated hoist & lifting ,pulling machine for YTPS03.12.201801.01.2019
24(English) Maintenance of mill rejecte handling system of Unit- 5,6 & 7 for a period of One year from date of work order during 2019-2018.12.201826.12.2018
25(English) CORRIGENDUM-‘BTPS -Providing third party quality inspection during manufacturing of MS pipes, Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes, all Valves and laying, jointing, testing of MS & Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes from foreshore of Narayanpur reservoir in Krishna basin to BTPS plant including appurtenant works like pump houses. substations. break pressure tanks, etc.15.12.201820.12.2018
26(English) Replacement of existing water supply line from Kuduthini meeting hall to Thimmalapur office block -1 and 2 at BTPS” -(Reserved for SC)12.12.201807.01.2019
27(English) Replacement of damaged UGD pipeline from unit-1 Powerhouse to STP near CWPH-1 at BTPS12.12.201807.01.2019
28(English) Construction of Security room in North gate road entrance inside BTPS12.12.201807.01.2019
29(English) Replacement of damaged precast slabs over cable trenches & drains in Power house and allied buildings of unit 1 & 2 at BTPS12.12.201807.01.2019
30(English) Providing fixing aluminium partition to stores of Unit-3 and other various office in BTPS-(Reserved for SC)12.12.201807.01.2019
31(English) Construction of pathway along return channel, forebay of CWPH-2 & other related works inside BTPS.12.12.201808.01.2019
32Supply and Installation of new water level sensor along with control panel for top cover drain pump of River Bed Unit-2 at Bhadra Generating Station, – 577115, Shimoga- Dist, Karnataka.12.12.201819.12.2018
33(English) Repair / Rewinding of CGL make 3 phase, 415 volts,4 pole, 150 kw squirrel cage induction motor with serial no. NADZ6021006.12.201807.01.2019
34(English) Procurement of spares through btps purchage.12.12.201814.01.2019
35(English) Enquiry:Procurement of seal ring segment10.12.201826.12.2018
36(English) Enquiry :Procurement of refractories for BM10.12.201826.12.2018
37(English) Enquiry:Procurement of scrapper and its spares10.12.201826.12.2018
38(English) Procurement of welding electrodes for BM10.12.201815.12.2018
39(English) “Dismantling & releasing of existing battery banks and Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, installation Testing & Commissioning of 02 sets of new battery banks (each battery bank shall consist of 182 OPzS type cells) of 405V/700 AH capacity Battery banks with all accessories and necessary spares to retrofit the existing 02 sets of 405V/700 AH capacity HDL type Lead Acid battery banks with buy back arrangement for Uni-8 “ at RTPS.reg07.12.201810.01.2019
40(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-prtal07.12.201807.12.2019
41(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal04.12.201803.01.2019
42(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS01.12.201828.12.2018
43(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS23.10.201818.12.2018
44Renovation,repair,rectification,reconditioning and overhauling of Gantry Cranes at Surge tank and Valve House of Sharavathy Generating Station.06.12.201807.01.2019
45(English) Repair/ Rewinding of CGL Make, 3 phase, 415 Volts, 4 pole, 150 kW squirrel cage induction motor with serial no. NADZ60210.-reg07.12.201807.01.2019
46(English) SHORT TERM tender for the work-AHU coil header replacement with descaling of copper tubes and retrofitting for unit-807.12.201828.12.2018
47(English) Construction of safe and wider steps on left bank for public to carry out annual festivals / bathing in River near Shiva Anicut Head works.30.11.201829.12.2018
48(English) Construction of Ground Level Service Reservoir and Providing & laying of pipe lines for water distribution to colony in Shivasamudram HEP04.12.201803.01.2019
49(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Circuit Breaker, Contactor, ammeter & Voltmeter15.11.201819.12.2018
50(English) Enquiry: Procurement of 4Cx6sq mm flexible copper cable for YTPS24.04.201922.05.2019
51(English) Enquiry: Procurement of HT HRC Fuses22.11.201826.12.2018
52(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Illumination consumables23.11.201826.12.2018
53(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Digital Display Panel28.11.201802.01.2019
54(English) E-tender:Procurement of 1500LPH Transformer Oil Filtration Plants for YTPS24.04.201922.05.2019
55(English) SHORT TERM TENDER for the work-Cleaning of cables / cable gallery & associated structures, assistance in maintenance of LT Switchgear & connected equipment’s of Unit- 5,6,7&8 along with ESP pertaining to EE(LT-2) division for a period of 3 months.03.12.201815.12.2018
56(English) Supply, Erection, and commissioning for 01 no of fan less, spray jet fill less cooling tower for unit 7 AC system at RTPS for the year 2018-1927.11.201827.12.2018
57(English) Supply, Dismantling and erection of Unit – 8 Air washer System with FRP material at RTPS for the year 2018-1927.11.201827.12.2018
58(English) Released MS Scrap23.11.201821.12.2018
59(English) RELEASED / HAZARDOUS TRANSFORMER OIL27.11.201822.12.2018
60(English) Supply,erection,testing and commissioning of H2 gas online leakage monitoring system for 1X500MW of unit-1&2 and 1X700MW for unit-328.11.201813.12.2018
61(English) RELEASED / HAZARDOUS TRANSFORMER OIL27.11.201821.12.2018
62Hiring 3 (Three) Nos. of new Tata sumo/ equivalent 7(6+1) seater non-a/c diesel vehicles of 2018 onwards model with drivers for KPCL duty (24 hours availability) on monthly hire basis for a period two years and extendable for one more year for Varahi Hydro Electric Project”.30.11.201821.12.2018

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