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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1(English) Repair / Rewinding of CGL make, 180kW, 6.6kV, 1480RPM, squrrel cage induction motor with machine no:TVC392071/520.12.201809.01.2018
2(English) Annual Rate Contract for repair/rewinding of LT motors up to 45 kW capacity, submaersible pump, coils and sirens for a period of one year20.12.201809.12.2018
3(English) Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Gateway Firewall at RTPS17.12.201816.01.2018
4(English) Providing, Installation, Testing & commissioning of 3 star rated Split AC’ s at various location of BTPS Note: Environmental Friendly refrigerant & Condensor coil should be Copper Make: Blue Star, Carrier, Voltas, LG , Samsung, Daikin only22.12.201822.01.2018
5(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS21.12.201801.01.2018
6(English) e-Tender :Procurement of Fasteners (MM) for YTPS07.12.201807.01.2018
7(English) e-Tender:Procurement of ultrasonic thickness gauge for YTPS19.12.201818.01.2018
8(English) CORRIGENDUM-‘BTPS -Providing third party quality inspection during manufacturing of MS pipes, Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes, all Valves and laying, jointing, testing of MS & Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes from foreshore of Narayanpur reservoir in Krishna basin to BTPS plant including appurtenant works like pump houses. substations. break pressure tanks, etc.15.12.201820.12.2018
9Supply and Installation of new water level sensor along with control panel for top cover drain pump of River Bed Unit-2 at Bhadra Generating Station, – 577115, Shimoga- Dist, Karnataka.12.12.201819.12.2018
10(English) Procurement of welding electrodes for BM10.12.201815.12.2018
11(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS23.10.201818.12.2018
12(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Circuit Breaker, Contactor, ammeter & Voltmeter15.11.201819.12.2018
13(English) SHORT TERM TENDER for the work-Cleaning of cables / cable gallery & associated structures, assistance in maintenance of LT Switchgear & connected equipment’s of Unit- 5,6,7&8 along with ESP pertaining to EE(LT-2) division for a period of 3 months.03.12.201815.12.2018
14(English) Released MS Scrap23.11.201821.12.2018
15(English) Supply,erection,testing and commissioning of H2 gas online leakage monitoring system for 1X500MW of unit-1&2 and 1X700MW for unit-328.11.201813.12.2018
16(English) RELEASED / HAZARDOUS TRANSFORMER OIL27.11.201821.12.2018
17Hiring 3 (Three) Nos. of new Tata sumo/ equivalent 7(6+1) seater non-a/c diesel vehicles of 2018 onwards model with drivers for KPCL duty (24 hours availability) on monthly hire basis for a period two years and extendable for one more year for Varahi Hydro Electric Project”.30.11.201821.12.2018

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