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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1Supply of 2 nos. 15HP MONO BLOCK PUMP for MDPH30.11.201831.12.2018
2(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES FOR RTPS28.11.201804.01.2019
3(English) Repairs to toilet blocks & Arresting leakages at administrative building of Almatti Dam power house.”27.11.201828.12.2018
4(English) Providing and erecting 250 mm dia. DI tamper proof air release valve along with sluice gate valves at Maralihalla pipe line of BTPS.23.11.201822.12.2018
5(English) Providing, Fabricating & errecting Stub for ARV & Manholes of maralihalla pipeline.23.11.201822.12.2018
6(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal22.11.201822.12.2018
7(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS22.11.201821.12.2018
8(English) Providing canteen facility to VUGPH and Hosangadi office complex for a period of two years27.11.201817.12.2018
9(English) Providing Signages in KPCL New Office complex, Palace Road, Bengaluru – Green building with LEED facilitation23.11.201810.12.2018
10(English) Providing Landscaping for KPCL New Office complex, Palace Road, Bengaluru – Green building with LEED facilitation.23.11.201810.12.2018
11(English) Round the clock monitoring, Preventive Maintenance of RBHLC Pumps, Ramappanahalla pumps, Ash pond seepage pump, Raw Water pond Toe drain pump installed in BTPS.22.11.201803.12.2018
12(English) Carrying out of Round the Clock Monitoring, Routine, Preventive maintenance of Air Condition low side equipment’s (except chiller units), ventilation system such as Air washer Units, Fresh Air Supply, Exhaust fan, Roof Extraction Fan System & Comprehensive maintenance of Split Ac’s, window Ac’s, Cassette Ac’s from 1TR to 4TR installed in unit 1, 2 & 3 @ BTPS22.11.201810.12.2018
13(English) Operation & Maintenance of Solar PV equipments along with grid connecting equipments & Balance of Plant systems for 5 MW Solar PV Plant at Belakawadi Village, Mandya district for a period of three years23.11.201827.12.2018
14(English) Operation and maintenance of PV equipment along with grid connecting equipment, Balance of plant system of 3 MW solar power plant installed at Yalesandra, Kolar District for a period of 3 years22.11.201827.12.2018
15(English) Supply, testing and commissioning of two Nos. oil filter machines for Shiva Generating Station, Malavalli Taluk, Mandya Dist. Karnataka – 57143723.11.201824.12.2018
16(English) BTPS- Providing third party quality inspection during manufacturing of MS pipes, Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes, all Valves and laying, jointing, testing of MS&Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes from foreshore of Narayanpur reservoir in Krishna basin to BTPS plant including appurtenant works like pump houses, sub-stations, break pressure tanks, etc.,20.11.201810.12.2018
17Replacement of existing 500 NB , 120 M long MS ERW pipeline from Overhead tank in control cable tunnel including supply of all materials, lead and lift, painting and other related works at Varahi Underground Power House, Hosangadi, Kundapura tq. Udupi dist. Karnataka22.11.201822.12.2018
18“Providing External Lightning Protection to Power House Building & KIOSK-2 at Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls-577435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka”22.11.201806.12.2018
19(English) Bid notification for renewal/supply, installation and commissioning of network security licenses/products for a period of three years17.11.201817.12.2018
20(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal16.11.201818.12.2018
21(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES FOR RTPS14.11.201821.12.2018
22(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS-REG25.10.201806.12.2018
23(English) Replacement of Lexmark Printers with New A4 Size LaserJet Duplex Printers at BTPS19.11.201828.11.2018
24(English) Procurement of electrical maintenance equipments for YTPS19.11.201812.12.2018
25(English) Procurement of Navtal Lock for YTPS19.11.201812.11.2018
26(English) Procurement of Bearing puller,crimping tool, vacume cleaner for YTPS19.11.201812.12.2018
27Providing electrification with new fixtures to 5 nos of renovated PC type residential buildings at SVP Colony, Jogfalls-57743517.11.201807.12.2018
28Maintenance of Power Supply works in Jog & MGHE colonies including Valve House, Vodenbyle, Trolley House, Fore bay area through external agency for a period of one year, Sharavathy valley project, KPCL, Jogfalls-577435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka.15.11.201812.12.2018
30(English) Tender:Procurement of pH, ORP andConductivity Sensors for YTPS11.02.201805.03.2019
31(English) Tender:Procurement of Inserts for workshop at YTPS07.12.201814.02.2019
32(English) Enquiry: Procurement of V-guard voltage stabilizer for YTPS26.10.201804.12.2018
33(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Painting accessories & consumables for YTPS02.11.201804.12.2018
34(English) Removing the damaged bolt and fixing with new bolt in seal Air Fan-A of Unit-1 by core drilling at BTPS17.11.201828.11.2018
35(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Paint, Primer and Thinner for YTPS02.11.201804.12.2018
36(English) Enquiry: Procurement of measuring instrument for YTPS03.11.201812.12.2018
37(English) Enquiry: Procurement of LED Indication Lamp for YTPS26.10.201804.12.2018
38(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Ion exchange resin-MB for YTPS29.04.201922.05.2019
39(English) Enquiry: Procurement of HSS tool bits for workshop for YTPS23.10.201827.11.2018
40(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Hand tools & lifting accessories for YTPS02.11.201804.12.2018
41(English) procurement of spares through Btps17.11.201830.11.2018
42(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Electronic Transducers for YTPS22.10.201822.11.2018
43(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Coupling set for RODM & HVAC at YTPS22.10.201822.11.2018
44(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Chute block switch & control board for YTPS01.09.201822.11.2018
45(English) Enquiry: Procurement of Auxiliary Relays for YTPS22.10.201827.11.2018
46(English) Procurement of spares through btps purchage.16.11.201827.11.2018
47(English) providing two nos. of new M&M Bolero/ Equivalent 9(8+1) Seater, Non-A/c, Diesel vehicles of 2018 onwards model along with drivers for KPCL duty (24 hours availability) on monthly hire basis for a period of two years and extendable for One more year subjected to satisfactory contract execution, for Varahi Hydro Electric Project (Power House/Office), Hosangadi, Kundapura taluk,Udupi Dist-576282.07.12.201805.12.2018
48Electrification of permanent C- blocks (24 tenements) residential buildings at KPCL colony,Hosangadi, Kundapur(T),Udupi(D)” .16.11.201817.12.2018
49Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of AC LDB’s and MDB’s at Sharavathy Generating Station12.11.201810.12.2018
50Supply & retrofitting of ten nos. of Admiralty brass/Naval brass water box/headers to Thrust/UGB oil coolers of third stage units to Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls-577435, Sagar Taluk, Shimoga Dist, Karnataka12.11.201810.12.2018
51(English) Routine maintenance and servicing/ reconditioning works of 4 No’s of Locomotives for a period of one year13.11.201827.11.2018
52(English) Operation and maintenance work of unit 8 DPMRH system for a period of 1 year14.11.201821.11.2018
53Replacement of Belleville springs of 3 Nos. Nozzles of 2nd stage Units with new design Helical springs and recification of Nozzles through ARC at Varahi Underground Power House, Hosangadi, Kundapura tq. Udupi dist. Karnataka13.11.201813.12.2018
54Supply, installation and commissioning of two number 120TR water cooled screw chiller units by replacing the existing 115 TR chiller units at AC plant of Varahi Underground Power House, Hosangadi Kundapura Tq, Udupi Dist13.11.201813.12.2018
55(English) Removing the damaged bolt and fixing with new bolt in seal Air Fan-A of Unit-1 by core drilling at BTPS10.11.201819.11.2018
56(English) Providing under water diving services for de-silting in water condition in pump bay, gate bays & forebays at Maralihalla pump house10.11.201819.11.2018
57(English) Liaisoning, Movement, handling and delivery of raw coal from Mahanadi Coalfields Limited, Talcher in Odisha to Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS) / Bellary Thermal Power Station (BTPS) in Karnataka by Rail-Sea-Rail route08.11.201824.12.2018
58(English) btps spares through purchase-reg07.11.201820.11.2018
59(English) “supply of 300 KL of LDO by road tankers”31.10.201813.11.2018
60(English) Bearing puller, 3-JawHydraulic and Manual pullers07.11.201827.11.2018
61(English) Design, Engineering, manufacture, testing, packing and forwarding, arranging insurance till taking over, Supply to site, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Two Nos. indoor 11kV Tee-Off switchgear panels and One number indoor 11kV GESCOM-UAT switchgear panel after dismantling of existing panels at Munirabad Dam Power House of KPCL05.11.201807.12.2018
62(English) Notice inviting Imported Coal Tender for YTPS, RTPS & BTPS05.11.201821.12.2018
63(English) SHORT TERM Tender for the work-Periodical assistance for the various works in ware house No.1,2,3, & related area for a period of 12 months03.11.201819.11.2018
64Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Active Repeater Panel at Control Room, Modbus for SCADA Compatible, Multi Sensor Detector for Cable Galleries & Its Programming in Existing Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm System at Nagjhari Power House31.10.201820.11.2018
65(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS-Reg11.10.201827.11.2018
66(English) Procurement of Single Phase dewatering Pump for YTPS02.11.201829.11.2018
67(English) Procurement of Air cooler for YTPS02.11.201829.11.2018
68(English) Periodical assistance for executing regular/routine/breakdown maintenance works like servicing, repairing and cleaning of Instrumentation and Control Equipments/systems pertaining to Unit#5&6 for a period of one year . EMD amount: Rs 38,600/-30.10.201813.11.2018

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