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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1(English) Providing Occupational Health Centre Services at BTPS30.10.201725.11.2017
2(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal25.10.201725.11.2017
3(English) Design, detailed engineering, supply, retrofit, erection, testing and commissioning of 66kv switchyard equipments, materials and spares for strengthening of 66kv switchyard at Shivasamudram25.10.201727.11.2017
4Supply, Installation and commissioning of Firewall for Network Security System at YCCPP, Yelahanka, Bengaluru”.24.10.201702.11.2017
5(English) Operation & Maintenance Contract for 2X800 MW Coal based Yeramarus Thermal Power Station (YTPS) for a period of Thirty (30) months at Chikkasugur, Raichur District, Karnataka State – CALL – 424.10.201715.11.2017
6(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS17.10.201727.10.2017
7(English) Overhauling of CW Pumps of UNIT 1 & 2 BTPS19.10.201718.11.2017
8(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS VIDE E-TENDER17.10.201720.11.2017
9(English) “TENDER NOTIFICATION” KPCL/2017-18/PS/WORK_INDENT6306 dated 17-10-201717.10.201715.11.2017
10House keeping of Hospital building premises at Ambikanagar, KPCL11.10.201702.11.2017
11(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS23.09.201731.10.2017
12(English) Migration of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 to Microsoft Exchange Online Plan1 or equivalent-Reg12.10.201710.11.2017
13(English) procurement of “Providing and fixing Signage Boards at BTPS”.11.10.201725.10.2017
14(English) Preparation of documents, registration and grant of license through consultancy services for 3MW solar plant, yalesandra Kolar district, 5MW and 10MW plant, Shivanasamudram12.10.201725.10.2017
15(English) Refurbishment work of 1st stage impeller and dynamic balancing of rotor assembly of vacuum pump Model: SHR22500 of M/s EDWARDS make11.10.201710.11.2017
16(English) Repair/Reconditioning of CW pump Parts of Bellary Thermal Power Station11.10.201727.10.2017
17(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES FOR RTPS VIDE E-TENDER27.09.201703.11.2017
18(English) “Supply & Erection of 2 Nos. Cooling coils for AHUs of UCB-5&6 and UCB-7 including strengthening of structure”10.10.201710.11.2017
19(English) Supply, Testing, Retrofitting, Networking & Commissioning of 69 Nos. of 0.2s Class 3Ph, 4 wire Energy meters with ABT feature & DLMS protocol, time synchronizing with GPS, RS-485 communication port along with complete Energy Management system consisting of Data Concentrator Units (DCU), Server Systems with UPS, Operating Stations, Ethernet cable, Ethernet switches and accessories for Unit 1 to 8, 400KV lines and 220 KV lines and 220 KV Bus coupler at Raichur TPS- Cancellation Reg10.10.201710.10.2017
20(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal04.10.201704.11.2017
21(English) Providing, Installation, Testing & commissioning of 3 stars rated Split AC’s at various location of BTPS. Make: Blue Star/Carrier/Daikin/Voltas/LG/Samsung only.28.09.201712.10.2017
22(English) procurement of carrying and routine of annual maintaionance of woks for unit 1& 2 system06.10.201721.10.2017
23(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS06.10.201727.10.2017
24(English) Up-gradation, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of PLC system and control desk for wagon Tippler 5 of RTPS27.09.201726.10.2017
25(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS06.10.201731.10.2017
26(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal28.09.201728.10.2017
27(English) procurement of Providing HT tower protection works at Maralihalla Pump House near Dhanapur.04.10.201703.11.2017
28(English) Tenders are invited from reputed transport agencies, fleet owners and service providers for providing Brand new Sedan A.C Vehicles (Dezire, Etios, equivalent) on hire basis for a period of two years (Extendable by one more year on the performance of the agency and condition of the vehicle).06.10.201721.10.2017
29(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS15.09.201724.10.2017
30(English) supply errection,testing and commissioning of 1 no 16mtr and 2 nor 20mts High Masts at YTPS28.09.201726.10.2017

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