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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1(English) procurement of UPVC Pipes and fittings for Unit 1 & 2 RODM13.07.201703.08.2017
2(English) D.C.S based coal handling system Priority path operation; Providing Excavator, supervision and Operation to facilitate for pushing the coal to Hopper from grating at ERH – 1/2; Routine/preventive/breakdown maintenance works of mechanical/electrical/ C&I equipment including all allied works at YTPS-RPCL 2×800 MW.24.07.201709.08.2017
3(English) Supply of Spares for RTPS vide E-tender17.07.201728.07.2017
4(English) Supply of spares for RTPS vide E-portal13.07.201728.08.2017
5Maintenance of Power Supply works in Jog & MGHE colonies including Valve House, Vodenbyle, Trolley House, Fore bay area through external agency for a period of two years, KPCL, Jogfalls – 577 435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka.12.07.201709.08.2017
6(English) procurement of Construction of auditor room cum record room for accounts section at BTPS11.07.201718.07.2017
7(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS VIDE E-PORTAL- Reg10.07.201711.08.2017
8(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS- Reg30.06.201710.08.2017
9(English) Providing power supply and Electrification of IOCL administrative building (Ground & 1st Floor) and security room at YCCP Plant, Yelahanka.08.07.201724.07.2017
10supply of 100nos.LED TUBE 5 FEET (T-8) 28 WATTS required at VUGPH, from manufacturers / suppliers of this material.07.07.201708.08.2017
12Supply & Demonstration (at site) of Vibration Analyser with balancer with 4 channels for vibration measurement and other accessories like tachometer & accelerometer as per enclosed technical specifications03.07.201710.07.2017
13(English) YTPS- Special Assistance for Operation and Maintenance(O&M) of 33/3.6 KV substation at RWPH 11/33 substation at YTPS Plant, Common switchgear, Soft starters & Motors at Raw Water Pump House(RWPH) 33Kv lines(14.1KM) for a period of 90 days.26.06.201707.07.2017
14SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS-REG20.06.201701.08.2017
15(English) Construction of store cum dark room annex to ID Fan-B of Unit-230.06.201714.07.2017
16(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal30.06.201722.07.2017

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