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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1(English) CORRIGENDUM-Tender for the work of “Providing consultancy services for preparation of detailed project report (DPR) for waste to energy project by KPCL(using RDF)02.12.201610.01.2017
2(English) Providing illumination and welding power points along the ash pond pipe line area at BTPS27.12.201623.01.2017
3(English) Providing illumination along the Raw Water Pond by releasing existing MS poles at BTPS27.12.201623.01.2017
4Providing Underground Electrification (HT) In Ambikanagar Colony19.12.201618.01.2017
5Design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of new CO2 system for Generator fire protection at Nagjhari Power House19.12.201618.01.2017
6Dismantling of existing 50HP pumps, Supply, erection & commissioning of 2 Nos. 50HP Kirloskar Make centrifugal pumps along with motor and accessories for gland cooling water system at Nagjhari Power House19.12.201618.01.2017
7Dismantling of existing 350 NB Motor operated cast steel gate valves, Supply, erection & commissioning of new 350 NB Motor operated cast steel gate valves –2 Nos. for Nagjhari Power House20.12.201618.01.2017
8(English) “Supply and Erection of a new Screw type 60TR capacity chiller unit along with microprocessor controller to replace existing M/s Carrier make chiller in AC system of Unit 8 at RTPS, Shaktinagar23.12.201625.01.2017
9(English) Providing Security services of Ex-Servicemen / Civil Security Guards without arms including Ex-Servicemen Supervisor and Computer Operator for Yelahanka Combined Cycle Power Plant, Yelahanka, Bengaluru for a period of 24 calendar months for 2016-17/2017-
10Supply, Installation and testing 8 no’s of walkie-talkie to GDPH17.12.201602.01.2017
11“Design, fabrication, manufacture, assembly and supply of ACDB and DCDB panels required for Ghataprabha Dam Power House including erection, testing and commissioning”17.12.201602.01.2017
12(English) Placing of jelly around 18 compact substations in Btps22.12.201619.01.2017
13(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS20.12.201625.01.2017
14Providing of ONE number of covered 8+1 seater, Mahindra Bolero or equivalent make, 5 doors Jeep of Model 2017 with POL & driver on hire basis for KPCL duties for a period of two years at KPCL, Kadra sector22.12.201611.01.2017
15(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal19.12.201618.02.2017
16(English) PROCUREMENT OF SPARES TO RTPS29.11.201603.01.2017
17(English) SPARES REQUIRED FOR RTPS07.12.201610.01.2017
18(English) Centralised AC system- FRP lamination of 2nos cooling tower basin16.12.201629.12.2016
19(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS14.12.201618.01.2017
20(English) Procurement of spare materials for YTPS14.12.201605.01.2017
21(English) CORRIGENDUM for “Design, Engineering, Supply, Retrofitting, and Testing & Commissioning of Sequential Events Recorder (SER) by releasing of existing SER in 400KV Switchyard Control Room at Raichur TPS”-11.11.201627.12.2016
22Providing Driver services for KPCL projects located at Ambikanagar, Ganeshgudi and Kadra.08.12.201623.12.2016
23(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS30.11.201629.12.2016
24(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS25.08.201613.12.2016
25(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS24.10.201605.01.2017
26(English) Procurement of spares to BTPS through e-portal06.12.201628.12.2016
27” Providing Nineteen(19 ) Nos. of Heavy Motor License(Bus,Lorry etc) transport and non-transport with Badge holding Drivers-SSLC Passed for KPCL Sharavathy Project(Jog,Kargal,Bhadra & Gerusopp) on contract Basis for a period of six months”30.11.201613.12.2016
28Supply of FOUR No of neutral current transformers as per the detailed technical specifications given in the bid document-Kadra02.12.201612.01.2017
29(English) Construction of Galvolume sheds for electric panels of tube wells near Raw Water Pond at BTPS07.12.201606.01.2017
30Supply of 500 mtrs of 3Core, 300 sq. Mm Aluminium XLPE armoured cable as per the detailed technical specifications given in the bid document – Kadra30.11.201604.01.2017
31(English) Supply of 6000MT HFO and 3000kL LDO to YTPS07.12.201620.12.2016
32Providing temporary sand filled bags bund for drawl of TB dam water to BTPS plant through Right Bank Low Level Canal near Kampli.30.11.201621.12.2016
33(English) Supply of Gaskets to YTPS Call-201.12.201602.01.2017
34(English) Procurement of Electrical Accessories for YTPS05.12.201605.01.2017
35(English) “providing consultancy services for preparation of detailed project report (DPR) for waste to energy project by KPCL (using RDF)”02.12.201631.12.2016
36(English) Providing of Assistance required for round the clock Operation of Raw Water Pump House at YTPS Raw water Jack Well29.11.201607.12.2016
37(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS24.11.201602.01.2017
38(English) DCS based coal handling system Priority operation and Routine/Preventive/Breakdown maintenance works of Mechanical/Electrical/C&I equipment & dozer operation/Maintenance, Yard Maintenance,Crushing of coal by dozer, Internal transportion of coal at YTPS-RPCL05.12.201621.12.2016

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