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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS11.03.201621.04.2016
2(English) BRIEF TENDER NOTIFICATION of Coal Laboratory Equipments,Gland Packings,LTUG Cables,250KVA & 100KVA Distribution Transformers,Tubular Flux Cored Electrodes,Chlorine Dioxide Generator Set in BTPS24.03.201618.04.2016
3(English) BRIEF TENDER NOTIFICATION of 320MT Sodium Chlorite 25%,Conveyor Pulleys,Bottom Ash Hopper Spares,Fasteners in BTPS15.03.201613.04.2016
4(English) BRIEF TENDER NOTIFICATION of 75 KW DC Shunt Motor,Grinding Rolls,Consumables like Molykote-33,Castable Refractory,etc in BTPS08.03.201611.04.2016
5(English) PVC – Coupling, Tee, Pipe, Tail Piece in BTPS29.03.201629.04.2016
6(English) supply of following materials High Pressure Hoses & Adopters,16 KW Marathon Motors,etc in btps28.03.201631.03.2016
7(English) Annual Overhauling works of Generator & its Aux. of Units – 5, 6, 7 & 8 for the year 2016-1728.03.201627.04.2016
8(English) Extension of telephone line from temporary office building to service building at YTPS site.24.03.201621.04.2016
9(English) Replacement of 420KV OIP bushings of unit-2 Generator Transformers at Bellary Thermal Power station23.03.201630.03.2016
10(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS23.03.201625.04.2016
11(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS23.03.201607.04.2016
12(English) Supply, installation, Testing & commissioning of 3 star rated hi-wall split air-conditioners at various locations of BTPS22.03.201622.04.2016
13Fabrication and Supply of Seven numbers of Steel Container Boxes required for Centralized Stores of Sharavathy Project, KPCL, Jogfalls – 57743518.03.201602.04.2016
14(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS21.03.201605.04.2016
15(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS21.03.201622.04.2016
16(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS04.03.201612.04.2016
17(English) Carrying out Routine & Annual overhauling maintenance works of I&C system at Unit # 1 & 2 BTPS for a period of one year18.03.201618.04.2016
18(English) Material Handling in Ware House No:1,2 & Proposed Ware House No:3 at BTPS12.03.201630.03.2016
19(English) Dismantling, packing, transportation of 66kV/11kV, ONAN, 6.3 MVA Power Transformer from BTPS, Kuditini to YCCP,Yelahanka & erection, testing and commissioning at YCCP, Yelahanka.14.03.201628.03.2016
20(English) Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Online Insulation Monitoring & Fault location system for 220VDC unearthed system for 2x500MW Unit-1 & 2 at BTPS site05.03.201604.04.2016
21(English) Establishing Electrical Power Supply For Drinking Water & Service Water System at BTPS Township11.03.201624.03.2016
22(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS25.02.201605.04.2016
23(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS09.03.201611.04.2016
24(English) 1.Dismantling, shifting, relocation, erection and commissioning of 250KVA Distribution Transformer center, dismantling/removal of HT and LT Overhead Lines/ LT UG cables/Telephone cables in construction area. 2. Supply and laying of armored LT UG cables / armored Telephone UG cables, and other associated works at YCCP Plant, Yelahanka.08.03.201622.03.2016
25(English) Providing catering services to corporate executives including house keeping of guest rooms, dormitory, office complexes and their annexes including maintenance of water supply at BTPS.02.03.201601.04.2016
26(English) Annual maintenance of station building and other buildings inside BTPS plant02.03.201601.04.2016
27(English) Providing 300NB ERW MS pipes including pipe fittings, valves and erection, testing & commissioning of 300NB ERW MS pipeline from Ash recovery pump house to U#1 & 2 Ash water Tank @ BTPS05.03.201604.04.2016
28(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES TO RTPS22.02.201629.03.2016

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