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Sl no.TitleIssue Dateclose Date
1(English) Modification and replacement of cooling water pumps priming lines for all the 10 units in Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls – 577435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka.21.10.201523.11.2015
2(English) Providing express airline to all governor oil pump pressure receiver tanks from outdoor Yard 3rd stage compressors air plant dryer at Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls – 577435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka21.10.201523.11.2015
3(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES FOR RTPS16.10.201524.11.2015
4(English) Repair and re-winding of 12 KW In line magnetic separators (ILMS)17.10.201516.11.2015
5(English) Clearing bottom ash from Boiler floors during breakdown discharge from the bottom ash hoppers of Unit-I & II inside BTPS plant .15.10.201502.11.2015
6(English) Providing PCC encasement to MS Structural steel columns in Boiler area, Mill & bunker bay and Bottom ash hopper area of Unit-II inside BTPS plant.17.10.201511.11.2015
7(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES FOR RTPS09.10.201517.11.2015
8(English) SUPPLY OF SPARES FOR RTPS10.10.201514.11.2015
9(English) Tender for lease for Renovation, O&M of KPCL’s Mini Hydel Stations situated at Mallapur, Sirwar, Ganekal & Kalmala on ‘as is where is’ condition19.10.201519.11.2015
10(English) Design, manufacture, supply, inspection, packing and forwarding, retrofitting, erection, testing and commissioning of Numerical OCR and EFR relays in 2Nos. Auxiliary units (Unit Nos.6 & 7) and 3Nos. Non auxiliary units (Unit Nos. 8,9 & 10) total 05 Nos. of LTAC panels in Sharavathy Generating Station, Jogfalls – 577435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka10.10.201516.11.2015
11(English) Providing polymer based high performance corrosion protection epoxy coating on external surface of the penstocks between Valve House to saddle no.20 for Unit No.5 in Sharavathy Generating station, Jogfalls – 577435, Shimoga – Dist, Karnataka10.10.201516.11.2015
12(English) Design, fabrication, supply, installation of name board for left bank power house of Bhadra Generating Station, Bhadra – 577 115, Karnataka10.10.201516.10.2015
13(English) Operation & Maintenance of Solar PV equipments along with grid connecting equipments & Balance of Plant systems and 66kV switchyard along with HT equipment for 5 MW Solar PV Plant at Belakawadi Village, Mandya district for a period of three years06.10.201529.10.2015
14(English) Supply of spares for RTPS19.09.201503.11.2015
15(English) Hiring one number of JCB on rate contract basis for clearing of raw coal lumps/ boulders of CHP-1 and 2 in BTPS.26.09.201526.10.2015
16(English) Routine and Breakdown maintenance work for EE(M)5BTPS26.09.201524.10.2015
17(English) Providing consultancy for Railway siding and marshaling yard, Project management and certification at Yeramarus Thermal Power Station, Raichur03.10.201526.10.2015
18(English) Supply & Installation of PC based data logging systems with CPCB connectivity and Large Display unit at the BTPS Main Gate.05.10.201515.10.2015
19(English) Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Security video Surveillance system(CCTV) for BGS in III Phase03.10.201517.10.2015
20(English) Carrying out Routine, Break down, AOH works of 400/220 KV Switchyard, AHP, Ash water recovery Pump House, Power & Service Transformers of Units 1 & 2 at BTPS and 110/6.6 KV Sub station at Maralihalla pump house for the year 2015-1603.10.201502.11.2015

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